Thursday, March 26, 2009

Proud Moments!!!!!

The week after Spring Break tends to always be hard. First, I still have suitcases in every room, laundry piled on the floor, and piles of "stuff" everywhere. Going out of town for the break was AWESOME! (I will post about it soon) It is the coming back to reality and living everyday life that is hard to get back in to! Second, it is hard for everyone to get back on their regular schedule. The staying up until WHENEVER is no longer! As well as the sleeping in until noon! So this week has been quite an adjustment to say the least! BUT - we have had some awesome news in our family! Lets hear it for "GREAT ACCOMPLISHMENTS!" Paige came home from school the other day and of course the humble girl she is - didn't say anything. Her cute friend said, "Paige has something she wants to tell you!" Paige let me know that she had won a contest. To preface this - let me explain. Paige had done a drawing in art that her art teacher entered into a contest. This particular drawing was also chosen to make Paige be "artist of the week" at school. I had no idea it would go any further. Paige pulled out a paper and in a nutshell it read that her drawing was entered into the Arbor Day contest. Every school from the area entered drawings and each school would have an honorable mention winner chosen. I thought - oh great, Paige won honorable mention. NOPE - out of 233 pieces of art submitted Paige was the GRAND PRIZE WINNER!!!! WAHOOOOOOOO! This means that on April 18th McKinney will be celebrating Arbor Day. Paige will have her picture on the official Arbor Day Poster and it will also be printed on the Arbor Day t-shirts. Paige will be recieving certificates, a t-shirt, and extra goodies along with recognition. Oh my gosh - I am sooooo proud of her. As we all know, Paige is so humble about this kind of stuff - she absolutely deserves it! So a big WAHOOOO for Paige. Way to go sweetie! Unfortunately, I don't have a copy of the picture, but as soon as I do, I will post it!
The second "GREAT ACCOMPLISHMENT" was that Jordan was chosen to receive the "Lion Pride Excellence Award" at her school. There were only 7-10 kids chosen from her grade to receive this. She was nominated by a teacher that felt Jordan "exemplifies the spirit of good citizenship by being a positive leader and helping others in need. She sets high standards and shows respect to peers and teachers." As a mom I could not be more proud. Aren't those the qualities we all strive to teach our children? Now for the total not so great mom moment! I had received a paper in the mail a few weeks ago that Jordan would be receiving this award. Why didn't I put it on my calendar???? Why?? Why??? As I tend to do, I got busy, put the paper aside and let other papers stack up. Basically - I totally forgot about it. We went on vacation, came home, and life took over. Jordan came home from school yesterday and asked, "mom, did you know anything about an award?" Right then, my heart sunk! She said she was called on the announcements to the library. They had a breakfast for the kids and their parents, then called them up one by one and read what their teachers said about them and gave them their certificates. I wanted to cry!!! How did I forget about that??? My super sweet daughter assured me it was alright, but I know even though she didn't want to show it, she was a little sad. So here is my ever so public apology!!!! Jordan, I am so sorry! Your dad and I are so proud of you! You are such a great daughter and person. You work so hard to do your very best all of the time and we want you to know that we notice all your efforts. So dispite having a terrible mom moment - I am so proud of my girls who strive and continue to do their best in all that they do. I love you Paige and Jordan. I am such a lucky and proud mom!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME!!!

Yes, another year and another birthday. I am still counting and I am at the big 34!!! Oh my gosh!! I remember when I was young and I would hear my aunt or uncle was in their 30's and I thought that was OLD! No I don't feel old inside, but the old body is feeling it outside. Is that sad??? Why can't I do those cheerleading jumps, or kick my leg up to my ear, or stay up all night? I feel like I should be able to! Is that what happens as you get older???I always decorate the house with streamers for the kids birthdays, so cute Paige HAD to do it for me. I had a great day! As you get older it seems that there isn't as much HOOPLA, but sometimes that is what makes it a perfect day! Rick stayed home from work today and decided he would take on the "mommy" duties. He got up bright and early with the kids and let me sleep! I woke up to the smell of bacon! YUM!! We had bacon and eggs - and I got to stay home and enjoy while Rick drove the kids to school. When he got home he let out a big sigh. I asked him, "have you had a long morning???" of course with a smile on my face. (It's nice he see's that may day starts off early and goes great guns from there) We decided to spend some time at the gym and have a soak in the hot tub - then he took me out to lunch! SALTGRASS....SUPER YUM!
The rest of the day was filled with school meetings, chick-fil-A night for the school, and open house at the middle school. When we got home Paige let me open my painting from her! She had wrapped it so cute and worked so hard on it - and I love it!! Now I just have to find a place to hang it! Rick had also suprised me with a bag of goodies and a sweet card on the counter. The kids and I are leaving town tomorrow, so he loaded me up with all my favorite goodies! The even better part was the Starbucks hot chocolate he brought home tonight while I was packing! Thanks babe!!! You always know just what I need! The kids couldn't go to bed tonight without doing the traditional BIRTHDAY SPANKS! It's quite hilarious seeing me try to crawl through the kids legs as fast as I can, so I don't get too many spanks! Eventhough I don't like getting older, I do LOVE birthdays...last week I celebrated with my girlfriends and next week I get to celebrate with's the birthday that never ends!! hooray! Thanks for a great day FAMILY!

Rick - I love you! Thanks for spending the day with me!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Okay, I just had to let everyone outside of Texas know that it is FREEZING here!!! We have been in the 80's for the past few days and today it is rainy and cold!! It has been pouring all day (which actually is a good thing, because we need the rain). Today just so happens to be trash day. Usually Rick takes out the trash, but since he was in his nice work clothes and it was absolutely pouring - he left it for me to do. So since it was POURING rain, I put my windbreaker on, looked like a dork and tightened the hood around my head, rolled up my pants, and went out barefoot. (so my shoes wouldn't get soaked) Sorry no picture to truely help you visualize! Basically I thought the bottoms of my feet were going to have frostbite!!! Yes, it was that cold! Tomorrow is suppose to even be COLDER! So for those of you who say it is too hot in Texas - that is not always the case!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sports and Family Fun!

The winter sports season is ending and the Spring season started off with a bang. Chase played in his last basketball game yesterday and played awesome! He had a few steals, rebounds, and baskets. The highlight of the game was that Chase got a foul. Yes, that sounds crazy, but if you know Chase he is the "nice" player on the court. He is very good, runs the plays, does what he is suppose to, but is a little "too" nice. I have told him all season that for every foul he got I would pay him a dollar. No - I am not encouraging my son to be a "dirty" player, just a little more aggressive! The funny thing was that Chase didn't even know he got a foul because it happened at the end of the quarter. In this picture Chase is with Coach Kip. He was a great coach. He did a great job coaching, but also taught them life skills...we were very lucky to be on his team. We also started soccer yesterday. Cody was so excited for his first game. He LOVES to play soccer and if I do say so myself - he is pretty good at it. Yes, the first game is always a little rusty for the boys - but it was good to get that first one out of the way. I love to watch Cody run and hustle....I know he is 6, but he is still my little guy, and just so darn cute! Chase played also and played great...he continues to be a lead player on the team - again, they were a little rusty, but I have no doubt they will go full speed ahead from here.Since Donny is home, we decided to have a family barbeque with extended family that lives in Texas. Donny looks great and is excited for his next adventure in California. He is enjoying a few days of relaxation and "gaming" before he leaves, but it is so good to have him home safe and sound. It just so happens four of us that were there are having birthdays in March, so we had a little celebration for ourselves. My birthday, my mom, my aunt Sharon, and my cousin Tyler all have birthdays in March. Happy Birthday to us!!! Yes, you may not recognize the lady in the middle.....that is my soon to be 60 year old mother...doesn't she look AWESOME!!! I took her on Friday to get her hair done. She was only going to get a trim..(her hair was down to her waist). But we had her talked into a short, sassy hair cut and a little color! She is a new woman and darn cute!
I am so lucky to have family and dad, thanks for always opening up your home to us. I love the barbeques and hot tubbing! Last night dad and I sat in the hot tub for almost an hour just talking...I treasure those special moments. I love you guys!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Last week my CUTE brother came home from Afganistan. He has been serving over seas for the past year and now he is home!!!! I was raised in a military family and so glad that I was. I loved being around everything patriotic. Everything had a symbol, special meaning, and when we celebrated the 4th of July it was truely special. I often miss being in that environment and wonder if my children truely know and understand how lucky they are to be an American. I loved my dad being in the military. I loved when he would come home from work in his uniform. I loved attending military functions with him. I felt and still feel so special to have such an important dad! My dad and brother have served their country not because they had too, but because they wanted too. Donny flew to Washington state and stayed at an airbase there for the past few weeks, but his unit came home (to Utah) last Friday. Their plane came in just after 5:00 in the morning. I was not able to be there, but my sister and mom were there. My sister said it was the coolest, most amazing experience. She said when they got to the airport they were directed to a hanger with other families waiting. As they were waiting the big hanger door opened and right in front of them was Donny's plane. WOW!!! The soldiers walked off the plane and through a line of other servicemen in uniform. How Cool! Wish I could have seen it! Donny did a great job in Afghanistan and actually had some really great times. I have seen some of his videos and at times I wondered if he was really working???? He just got word that on March 16th he will be reporting to Monterrey California to attend DLI school where he will have the opportunity to learn Japanese! He was there a few years ago and learned Russian. He is very excited to have this opportunity! He will be there for the next year and a half. Let's just say I plan on visiting. He keeps telling me how beautiful it is there.
So eventhough I don't have that everyday military influence now, it does make me excited that Chase is involved in the scouting program. He has really been enjoying it and is learning a lot of things. Last week we had our Blue and Gold dinner. Rick and Chase had to make a "texas themed" cake. So what better than representing the TEXAS LONGHORNS. (one of Chase's favorite college football teams)
The award given to them was the "Best Cattle Cake." I am so proud of Chase for being involved in the scouting program. I know he will truely benefit from being a scout.