Thursday, July 24, 2008

Kelsey comes to Texas!!!

So last week Kelsey was here! YEAH!!! We had so much fun with her here. We took the kids to celebration park, swimming, the lake, and had sleepovers! Her kiddos are so cute....the girls loved playing with Sami and the twins were hilarious...AND very busy! To keep them occupied we swam and went to the park pretty much everyday. The kids had a blast in the pool together!We also had fun at the lake...Kelsey and Jordan rode on the tube...Rick gave them the ride of their lives, but they hung on...he probably could have tried a little harder to knock them off, but we figured we didn't want anybody hurt. Dad showed off with the slolam and I pretty much had the biggest wipe out EVER on the wakeboard! Total face plant...I pretty much heard every bone on my right side of my body crack.... The highlight of the day was Kelsey! This was her first time ever to wakeboard...she did awesome! She got right up, but then got a little too sure of herself....the video is hilarious....I had to post it! Thanks for coming was so much fun to have you here!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Small children leave the room....

So we got an email awhile back from my brother...he mentioned something about someone getting injured....we didn't realize he was talking about himself until he called us the other day and sent us these pictures. He said he was so lucky that he didn't lose his whole finger! He definately gave credit to the Lord watching over him! He said his finger got caught on the gun somehow in the hum v (spelling???) As you can see it completely ripped his finger nail off! He did lose some skin as well....the doctors aren't sure if his nail will ever grow back or not, I guess we will have to wait and mom is a little worried that he may not meet a girl because he is "scarred!" We assurred her that girls like some battle scars...right???
This is the new vehicle he is driving....sometimes he drives and sometimes he is in the top controlling the gun...scary thought!
This is a picture of Donny and some other fellow soldiers out with the afghan people...(Donny is the last one in the picture looking sideways) Its funny how most of my life I grew up around the military...the importance of America and patriotism was a constant. Once I went away to school and got married I wasn't surrounded by it anymore. This past 4th of July was the first time in a long time that it really hit me how lucky I am. Because of people like my brother - who give up everything and put themselves in danger everyday...I am free! Free to make so many choices others can't..I guess until it personally effects you, we sometimes forget! Thanks Donny for reminding me of so many things! Donny is doing awesome! We are hoping he will get to come home in October for some leave time....please keep him and our other soldiers in your prayers....they are truely amazing people...heroes!

Friday, July 18, 2008


Today is Rick's Birthday! He is the big "35"! Happy Birthday Babe! I was looking through some pictures and you only get better as you get older. How did I luck out? Your the best - thanks for all you do! I hope you have a great day. I love you!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Farmington Fun!

We just got back from our summer vacation in Farmington. We went to spend time with Ricks family - and as usual....we had a blast!!! The trip was packed with back to back fun...! We had so many pictures I had to put them in a slide show. We had fun watching fireworks and the local parade. The kids had a great time playing with their cousins and throwing poppers at each other! We spent 3 days camping in grandma and grandpa's camper at the lake. The kids loved being on the water everyday! Jordan improved her skills on the wakeboard and rock jumping. Paige got daring and let the boat pull her on the tube at 20 mph! Chase was speed demon on the tube and learned a few new things about fishing. Cody got daring enough to stand up on the tube and loved doing everything his brother and sisters did...AND Rick and I just enjoyed being on vacation and spending time with each other and the kiddos! The kids caught some fish while fishing off the docks....Jordan loved fishing, but not so much touching the fish. (as you will see in the picture) We also went to the Bar D. It wouldn't be a vacation without going to the Bar D. That is one of the kids favorite things to do! As usual the show was great and the kids loved the food. Rick and I have decided our dream place to live is Durango, CO. We love it there! The trip was great! Thanks mom and dad for making the trip fun and so relaxing! We all had a great time!
The slide show is a bit long, but has some fun pictures!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Puppy Love

My cousin McCall got a new puppy a few days is the cutest little is a yorkie and Paige has fallen in love!!! We have been lucky enough to have it staying at our house for the past couple of days and Paige just can't get enough...she has let us know that she will be asking everyday for a dog just like her until we finally say yes...(knowing her she probably will). Last night Paige was so cute...she got up with the dog a couple of times during the night and took her outside. Paige didn't complain once and was as sweet as could be with her. She treats her like a little baby...

Paige and her knew little buddy - Ellie!
I have pretty much had to force my kids to play with their friends ever since we have had the puppy....they just love it!
I never had a pet growing up and currently the only pet we have had to this point is Paige's fish "juicy". I'm not sure what will happen, but I will keep you posted....will we end up with a dog or not?????