Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Continuing the birthday fun!!!!

Well, I got to see Jordan this morning, at lunch, and afterschool. I got up early (4:30 am) to make sure Jordan was all packed and ready to go and to also make her breakfast. Rick, Jordan, and I were up in the wee hours, eating and opening just a couple of presents. Thank goodness for grandma, grandpa, Davey, and Kristi coming to visit earlier in the week and bringing presents...hahaha
Do you think Davey and Kristi are trying to brainwash her????Grandma and Grandpa gave her a ring. I was able to take lunch to Jordan then after school took her a cookie cake for her and her team to enjoy at dinner time!!!! I made her take a quick picture before she left!!! (Obviously it was very windy outside!)I also talked her team into giving her birthday spanks tonight!!! We would hate for her to feel left out. :) As much as I would have loved to have spent more time with her....I know she is having a great time with her team!!!!


When you think about your children turning 16, it seems so far away. Well - not for me!!! It is here!!! Jordan is now 16!!!! Well, actually if I wanted to be exact, she wouldn't actually be 16 until 10:07 tonight!!!She is ready to drive and MORE than ready to date!!!!!! I am so excited for her, but at the same time have been dreading this day. Let's face it.... turning 16 brings major changes!!! Not only have I realized Jordan is "older" and turning into a very independent young lady. I realize she can and is making life decisions for herself. No longer is she so dependent on me like the little Kindergarten girl, who needed her mom for EVERYTHING. I will admit...I have had a very hard time letting go and giving her freedom. It's a very hard thing for a mom to do!!!
It's funny how as a mom you think about your childs 16th birthday for a couple of years. You have BIG plans and wonderful ideas, but when it finally comes.....those things just don't happen. Today - I will see Jordan this morning and take her lunch. Then right after school she is off to College Station (A&M) for a softball tournament. She doesn't get home until late Saturday night!!!! Well - so much for my great plans on her 16th birthday!!!! :(
I tried to compensate for the fact that we wouldn't even really see her by throwing her a party last weekend!!! It was awesome and she had such a good time. We had a GREAT group of kids over to the house!!! What consumed most of their time was playing Just Dance 2 on the wii!!! Oh my goodness, they were so fun to watch. I got some great video of them. What was neat, was that even though some didn't have a remote, they still danced!!!After dancing the night away we decided to have cake!!!!Jordan has a very good friend who also has the same birthday. It seems like Jordan and Kayden have spent the last few years with each other on their birthdays, so we couldn't let this year be any different. Sorry Kayden for the pink cake!!!While enjoying the cake, Jordans friend Emily thought it would be super funny to put the cake in Jordans face!!! Yes, it was VERY funny - she was not expecting that at all!!! What was even funnier was when Jordan got her back!!!Everyone else thought it was funny as well and joined in!! Hahahahaha
Next it was time for the presents!!!!Oh my goodness - her friends were way to good to her....they must have been able to read her mind because she was SO HAPPY to receive all the itunes cards, not to mention money, lotions, and a vera bradley make up bag. Ellen - we won't mention what you got her!!! hahaha
Jordan had a great night!!! It couldn't have been better!!!

Jordan loves her girls!!!And her guys even MORE!!!They are all so good to her and great friendsWhat an awesome group of kids!!! Thanks for making Jordans sweet sixteen a special one!!!
Scavenger Hunt!!!!
Jordan had a good friend give her a birthday surprise. When Jordan came home from her softball game, there was a note on the door and a clue. It sent her to a slide at a park they like to go to. From there she was sent to the church. Which sent her to the swimming pool they swam at during the summer And from their to his house where she received her present. Brayden and Jordan have been good buddies for a long time. They kind of have a streak of birthday pranks going, so Brayden was very kind this year. What was funny was that Jordan was so JUMPY during the whole thing, just waiting for him to scare her, or jump out from the bushes or do something terrible to her. In the past between the two of them, there has been a pie in the face, baby pictures hung all over the church, water with ice used to wake someone up - so you can imagine her fear! Brayden was sweet and gave her a bunch of goodies for her softball trip!!! But like he said, this is just him being nice until the big bomb drops!!!HeeeeeeeHeeeeeee

Well, Jordan without starting to cry I'm wishing you a very Happy Sweet Sixteen!!! I remember when you were born. I remember playing dress up with you. I remember dancing to the song "My Maria" while holding you. I remember watching you take your first steps. I remember you cuddling in bed with me every night. I remember you walking right into Kindergarten and not looking back. I remember when you broke your arm and all you wanted was your teddy bear blankies. (some things never change :) And some where along the way I remember you turning into a beautiful young lady!!! I love you sweetheart!!! Life is about to get very exciting for you sweetie!!! Have fun!!! But always remember.......who you are and what you stand for!!! :) Happy Sweet Sixteen my beautiful!!!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines Day!!!

Wow was Valentines Day crazy this year. I wasn't home all day and when it came time for dinner I wasn't sure what I was going to do. The kids have become accustomed to our Valentine Candlelight Dinner and I didn't want to disappoint. SO....I quickly got on the phone to Rick and had him pick up Pei Wei!!!! I did manage to remember to make the heart shaped jello and have some bubbly!!!! (that's really all the kids care about anyway :) Dinner was a success and the kids had their Valentine treats at their plates!!! I got roses this year!!! This isn't always the case because Rick hates that flowers die so fast. Nevertheless, I think I appreciate them more!!! Roses just make a girl feel special!!!
Chase and Cody had a Valentine party at school and came home overloaded on sugar!!! Now that Paige is in middle school she hand picks who she gives Valentines too and she also came home with a bunch from friends.Jordan had a fun surprise waiting on her bed when she got home from softball practice. She was so happy!!!! Her friend from California arranged for her to have something for Valentines Day!! She also had a couple other admirers give her flowers and chocolates!!! Oh to be a teenager again!!!Mom and Dad came over Sunday to celebrate birthdays early and the kids had a great time with them playing the wii!!! Yes, we actually got them to do Just Dance!!! Dad tried to give every excuse in the book, but the kids talked him into it. And was the winner!!! You go MOM!!!!Valentines Day seemed to be simple this year!! Just the way I like it!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Justin Bieber - who is that????

Oh yeah...he is that really popular singer!!!! hahaha
Jordan and her friend Kendall are pretty much obsessed with Justin Bieber. They bought tickets for the midnight showing Thursday night. (or I guess it would be early Friday morning.) They were so excited to go, they could hardly stand it!!!They packed a bag with snacks, put on their matching pajama pants and off they went to the hour and a half early!!!!! They gave out glow in the dark earrings and Jordan won a poster!!!
When I picked them up at 2 something in the morning.....they were screaming and said, "It was the BEST movie EVER!!!!!!" Well - somehow I don't believe that!!! So glad they had such a good time.....and I guess it is good to be passionate about something right???? haha

Thursday, February 10, 2011


This year Jordan is playing on the Varsity Softball team at school. She is absolutely loving it!!! She has a great team and loves the girls she plays with. They have played a couple of scrimmage games and are looking forward to their trip to A&M next weekend for a tournament!!! I love watching her play. It brings back a lot of memories!!! Jordan was pretty excited the other night because her coach is having her hit from the left side. (she has NEVER done that before.) When she got up to bat, she was super nervous, but hit it!!!! First time on the left side!!! She was so excited!!!
Jordan was also happy to get her letter jacket! Way to go Jordan - we are so proud of you!!
Oh the joys of high school!!!! :)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

February is HERE!!!

What a sigh of relief!!!! I am all caught up on my blog...wahoooooo!!!!! I guess I needed the 3 days off of school to get me caught up. We started February 1st with an ice storm and school has been closed since....tomorrow night it is suppose to snow, so who knows about Friday!!!! It has been great having the kids home (and Rick too for a day.) I love the lazy, stay in your pajamas all day, kind of days!!! The kids have loved sliding on the ice, Paige experimented by seeing if her tongue would stick to a metal handle, (which she found out it would), and most of all they love hanging with their friends. Sleepovers on weekdays are the best!!! Life is good and I'm looking forward to all that is ahead!!!

2011 Begins!!!

Wow - 2011!!!! The year started off just as busy as every other year....will that ever change???
Paige has been playing piano for a couple of years now and I love it!! I love hearing her play. Honestly, I'm a little jealous!! Yes mom, you were right...I do regret quitting piano!!! Paige always does a wonderful job and plays so beautifully! This time was no exception!Our very first snow of the year was on Sunday January 9th!!! I went to church around 11:00 that morning for a meeting and it was just the time I was out at 12:15 it was a winter wonderland outside!!! The boys had spent the night with Davey and took it slow on their way home, so they missed making it to church. Church let out early and when we got home we found Davey shoveling the driveway....what a guy!!! And in shorts no less!!!Davey and the boys were having way too much fun!!!!We got home from church and just couldn't help it!!!! We all wanted to play!!!
We had so much snow, school was cancelled the next day. Paige invited her good friend "Paige" over and they had a great time building a snowman...drinking hot chocolate...and for some reason, they thought it would be a good idea to see who could hold their face in the snow the longest!!!
Happy Birthday Paige!!!!
We also celebrated Paige's birthday on the 13th!!!!!!
Paige was sure to remind me that she would be very sad if she woke up and the house wasn't decorated in streamers!!!! So not only did I decorate in streamers but went to the grocery store at 6:00 am to get her bacon!!!! (her birthday breakfast request!)That night she chose Olive Garden for dinner!!!We even had the waiters sing to her!!!And for dessert......a cookie cake!!!Make a wish!!!And BLOW!!!We love you Paige!!!! I can't believe you are 12!!! You are such a beautiful, talented, and wonderful young lady!!!Paige's birthday pretty much went on for the whole weekend!!!! We celebrated at home on her real birthday and with friends over the weekend. Paige decided she wanted to go bowling and then head off to grandma and grandpa's house for hot tubing and a sleep over. The girls had a great time bowling!!And the hot tub felt oh so good!!!Paige had a special request for banana splits!! yum yum!!Paige was a little uncertain about her grandpa after he started her hair on fire with the lighter!!! Really he was just pretending....yeah right??? :) That's why her hair lit up like the fourth of July!!! Good thing grandpa has quick hands :)Actually - when all was said and was pretty funny!!!!
Paige had a great night opening her presents, watching movies, and being with the people she loved the most!!!
BYU Basketball
Every year my cousin comes to town with the BYU womens basketball team. This year once again we were very excited to see her. She always gets us tickets right on the floor. We feel so important!!! :) It's always good to see Alli!!! She is my very best friend and has been that since I was very little!!! I love ya!
Church Ball
The youth of our church play in a basketball tournament every year. Since Paige is now 12 she gets to play. Let's just say she wasn't SUPER excited about it!!! But she was such a great sport and did a great job!!! She was all time defensive player...she picked the biggest girl to guard and played defense even when her team was on was so funny - she made me laugh so hard...It was fun watching Jordan and Paige play together....Jordan also recruited one of her friends, Miranda!!! What a great sport!! Jordan and Miranda were awesome!!! They looked like they were pro's out there!!Win or lose the girls always have a great time!!! We have such an amazing group of kids. They have fun whatever they do and they all love and support each other!!!