Thursday, March 31, 2011

Little Bit of THIS and THAT!!!!

The past month has seemed to be a bit crazy at our house! I feel like I start every post like that!! hahaha

Anyway, I wanted to be sure and update everyone on what has been going on. I don't want to miss anything or leave anyone out!!!!

While Rick and I were on our cruise, Grandma (and Grandpa) were busy, busy at home with the kids. The boys had their Blue and Gold Banquet for scouts. This was Cody's very first Pack Meeting as a Wolf!!! They were sure to welcome him with a yummy goodie!! The boys were asked to make a cake! Grandma and the boys came up with an awesome cake!!!! I was just sad I wasn't there to taste it. Chase was able to earn a few pins at that meeting. He has been working really hard and will have his Webelos Award very soon.

Paige had a recognition night that very same night for her AWESOME grades!!! She is on the honor roll. Grandma let Grandpa take the boys to scouts and Grandma spent the evening with Paige. We are so proud of her. She works so hard, pushes herself, and does her very best in all her classes!!! Way to go Paige!!!!Paige also had a really cool Young Womens activity while we were gone. They were asked to research and dress up like someone in the past that made a difference. Paige chose Sacajawea. Paige looked pretty darn cute!!!!
At our most recent pack meeting on the 24th of March, Cody was able to receive his Bobcat award!! He was so funny!! All day he was sure to let me know that as soon as his face was done being painted, he was going straight into the bathroom to wash it off! Once he got it on, I don't think he thought it was so bad! He was so cute and very careful when pinning on my "mothers pin."We are so proud of you buddy!!! Congratulations on the first of many awards to come!!Chase earned his Religious Square Knot!!! One step closer to that Webelos Award!!! Way to go buddy!!! The activity for the night was to shoot off rockets the webelos had made. Oh my was awesome! I had no idea they would go so high. The boys loved it and could have been entertained for hours!!!I love that the boys are in scouts together now! (atleast for a little while).!!!
On that very same day - I was at lunch with some girlfriends and got a phone call. Mother of the Year, just rejected the call. When I was done with lunch I had a feeling I should probably call that number back just to see who it was. Well, once I heard a voice on the other line and asked who it was she said, "This is the trainer from McKinney Boyd High School." My heart stopped. She proceeded to tell me that Jordan had been hit in the face with a softball at practice. My first thought was....."are her teeth okay!!!!" The trainer let me know she had gotten hit in the nose! I immediately headed for the school and when I walked into the trainers office, there I saw poor Jordan - holding a bloody gauze pad, with dried blood all over her face and hands, and down her arms. WOW!!! was my first thought!!!! (actually - my first thought was - I have to get a picture of this!!!) I held back and didn't take one. We got her home, cleaned her up and then she let me take a picture!!!What a trooper - she was in so much pain and it was PRETTY swollen!!!We weren't sure what the verdict was.... we just went to the doctor two days ago and had xrays done. She did crack her nose and messed up her sinus's. BUT she is on medication and the good news is that she doesn't need surgery!!!! And the even better knews is that her doctor cleared her to play softball again.....WITH CAUTION!!! So she is back out in the field - but it may be awhile before she is running bases again.

Another highlight for Jordan is that she FINALLY got her drivers license!!!She is thrilled, but her dad and I are about to have a nervous breakdown!!! We just can't seem to let her go out on her own!!!! We have driven with her, sat in the back seat, and even done the unthinkable and let her drive, while we followed her!!! Just to make sure she was safe! I know the day is coming VERY soon that she will take off and go everywhere by herself.....ahhhhhhhhh!!! We are not ready for that!!!!

What about Max???? Max is doing great!!! What a sweet dog!! We love him to pieces...he is so good! We finally had him neutered...and Paige is just babying him like there is no tomorrow!! Max is loving it!!! So here is our sweet Max. According the the boys...."He's not a man anymore!!!!"

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Best Vacation EVER!!!!!!!

Okay - so I'm not totally finished with this post, but wanted to post a little bit of what we got to do!!!! ENJOY!!

It is truly amazing when you get to do something that you thought you could only dream about!!! The end of February Rick and I were able to spend some much needed time together and go on a CRUISE!!!!! We went with some very good friends of ours and absolutely LOVED every minute of it!!!!
We got up early, early the day we were to leave to head to Galveston! I was amazed we were able to fit all of our stuff in one car!! It was a little tight, but we all fit!Our adventure started off a little rough, because the boat was late coming into port due to fog, which meant we were late leaving. Honestly, we really didn't even care - we were just so happy to be going!!! This gave us a little time to walk around Galveston. We were able to get a great shot of our boat!! It was so big. I guess I really didn't have any idea what to expect!!We were excited to have a fun week with our good friends on the ship!Carnival we come!!!!We finally were able to start boarding...well, that was an experience within itself!!!! But keeping smiles on our faces we finally made it and by the time we got on the boat, we headed straight to dinner!!!Monday February 20th
The first day was a day on the water. It was so much fun to just walk around the boat, to look out at only water, and do absolutely NOTHING!!! That night was formal night!!! It was so much fun to dress up! Rick and I stopped at every picture spot. The nice man that cleaned our room was named, Savoy! He did such a great job and was always so friendly. He made the cutest towel animals! A different one every night! I loved it!
Tuesday February 22nd
Another day on the waterThe one thing that I could not believe was the FOOD!!! Oh my goodness - we ate so much!!!Wednesday February 23rd
On Wednesday we stopped in Grand Caymen. We were actually suppose to go to Jamaica, but since we left late, we couldn't go to Jamaica. Grand Caymen was awesome!!! The water was so beautiful!! Before we got off the boat, we took some time getting a few picturesWow - I still can't believe we were there!!!In Grand Caymen, the boat actually has to anchor and small boats called tenders, take you to the pier. We planned an awesome excursion for Caymen. Swimming with Dolphins and Stingray Island!!! First we took a boat to "Stingray Island." It is so amazing.
The water is unbelievable. Stingray Island is a sand bar right in the middle of deep water. We settled there and got off to see Stingray swimming all around us. Our guide was quick to pick one up and we had the chance to hold one, kiss one, and get a nice back rub from one!!!!! It was SO crazy!!! I also fed one. When putting my hand under water while holding squid, the stingray sucked it right out of my hand like a vaccuum. It was such a crazy feeling!!!
The stingray feels actually quite smooth!!!How about a nice BIG kiss!!AHHHH...a back rub!!On our way back, one of our quides jumped in the water to catch a starfish. Wow...I had actually never held one this big. We were sure to throw him back in the water since it is illegal to catch starfish!! hahaOnce back from Stingray Island, it was time to swim with the dolphins. I was so excited for this! It's one of those things on your bucket list!!Our group jumped right in and we were ready to swim with our dolphin!!When it was my turn to meet our dolphin - we decided to become very friendly!!!
On the cheek first!!!!Then the lips!!Then I had the ride of my life!!!Rick was next to have his time with the dolphin!!!
Hey now, back off - he is taken!!!Rick taking a swim with his new friend!We had a great day in the Caymen Islands!!! The only thing we didn't like was that we would have loved to stay longer!!!! Maybe a trip back to Caymen is in our future!!!!
Thursday February 24th
We found ourselves in Cozumel, Mexico next. In Cozumel, the boat was able to pull right up to the pier. Our plan for the day was to do some zipling and shopping!!!! We were all excited to spend the day being adventurous!!!Once we got to where we would be ziplining, Rick and I got all our gear on!! And we were ready to go!!The guys working the zipline were SO MUCH FUN!!! We had a super day!!!Next was shopping in Cozumel!!!! (actually the area right by the water is Puerta Maya)As Rick and I were walking we saw some girls getting their hair braided. (another thing I have wanted to do) So my sweet husband encouraged me to do it!!! I loved it!!!! I wasn't sure how much to do, but next time I will definately do more!!We had a great day in Cozumel. We did most of our shopping there and found GREAT deals!!! When we got back on the boat we were starving and ready to eat, so we hurried to get ready. The boys headed up for some sushi and once we were ready the girls joined them!