Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Wedding in Farmington, NM!!

For Memorial Day weekend we went to Farmington, NM for our nephews wedding. Eventhough the trip was fast and furious we had an awesome time! Pretty much everyone from the family was there, so it was super fun for the kids to spend time with all their cousins and aunts and uncles. The wedding was on the golf course, so we had fun taking pictures out on the "green". The day had started out pretty cold, but turned out to be awesome!

We were trying to get a picture of Brian and Danielle with all the little kids....this was hilarious...if you look closely you can see the candy little Ryan is being bribed with.
Time for dads and daughters to dance!! Rick had his hands full with both girls!
We had a great a great time at the reception..Ricks dad was cracking me up...he can DANCE!!! His mom and dad taught me how to jitterbug, so I was able to steal his dad and we danced a good part of the night! Yes, we also did the bunny hop! I am so glad we were able to go to the wedding - we had a blast! Congratulations Brian and Danielle, we love you!

So on our way to Farmington and on our way home we were able to stop in Amarillo and see our friends Ryan and Shaunna!!!! Let's just say they run the best B&B around! Shaunna you are amazing!!! You went way above and beyond! We didn't get there until late Thursday night, so we didn't get to play much, but on our way back we were able to stay for a few hours....Ryan and Shaunna bbqed kabbobs and pretty much had a feast planned! Shaunna made my FAVORITE ----toffee!!!! Thank you so much for letting us crash and bombard you guys!!! You are the best! I was reminded how lucky we are to have such great friends! Now you guys have to come to Dallas and let us return the favor!!! We love you! Paige couldn't get enough of baby Camden!
The kids played great! Shaunna, your kiddos are adorable!
Thanks again! It was a blast seeing you!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Catching Up!

Okay, so I haven't updated my blog in awhile....I left off at mothers day! It was great! Chase had a little program at school for the moms, Rick made a yummy dinner on Saturday night, and Sunday we had another yummy dinner at mom and dad's house! It was a great weekend of relaxing and being catered too! Who doesn't love that???
Something funny happened last Saturday though!!! I was picking up Jordan from the mall and we were walking back to the car....let me set the scene for you first....I had just come from the gym, so I was totally nasty looking, in my workout clothes, no make-up, and hair pulled back in a pony tail with a headband....(enough said)
Anyway...we got into the car and I was in the drivers seat and Jordan was in the back...this guy walked up (but not to the car - he was about 10 feet away) he looked like he needed directions, so I rolled down the window...he said, "I am here buying something for my mother for mothers day and I saw you walking and thought you looked so beautiful. I didn't see a wedding ring and was wondering if you would want to go out sometime." Jordan immediately said, "WHAT DID HE SAY??" I informed him I was married and we were on our way....the funny part was Jordans reaction...she was so disgusted that someone would ask her mom out! She called her friend and said, "this guy just asked my mom out, and she looks totally disgusting!" It was a good laugh for the day!!!This past weekend was the father and sons campout for church....the boys had a great time! They love sleeping in the tent...Jordan was at a friends house and Paige and I woke up early for the big yearly garage sale! Can you believe we didn't buy a single thing?
Jordan loves hanging out with her friends....they are pretty much together 24/7
The most exciting news for today is that Cody graduated from Speech!!! YEAH!! He is totally finished, which means he won't have to go next year during Kindergarten! He has done an awesome job! I'm so proud of you buddy!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Best Husband Award!!!

So last night was girls nite!!! We went over to a friends house to watch the movie "27 dresses." (thanks Nissa-Lynn for hosting...you're the best!) I love it when it is girl's nite....I have such a great time hanging out with friends! We ate yummy snacks, talked, and started the movie...about half-way through the movie we all made the comment that nobody brought chocolate! What were we thinking...a night without chocolate??? Crazy enough about 20 mintues later there was a loud knock at the door...Nissa got up to get it and on the front porch was a bag overloaded with chocolate and 2, 2-liters of soda. Right away we thought it was another friend of ours who left it...we paused the movie and rushed in the kitchen to see who it was from...Nissa opened the card and started reading it....then said, "oops, this isn't for me!" She handed me the card!
To my surprise it was for me!!! Rick had come and left the yummy treats and card on the front porch....I read the card and the other sweet stuff he wrote to me...and yes started crying! Actually we were all crying!!! Could that have been the sweetest thing ever!!!
Yes, we absolutely dove right into the chocolate! He picked the best chocolate ever!
Rick, thank you so much! I know I told you this over and over, but that was the best thing you could have done...It's crazy how us girls get so excited over that kind of stuff...it wasn't only the chocolate, but the fact that you thought of it!!!! And like one of the girls said...you even put tissue paper in the bag!!! (Rick did confess that was Paige's idea) Rick I love you!!! I felt so special! Thank you for thinking of me and for showing our kids that this kind of stuff is important! I'm still on cloud nine! I love you!!!!

Fun at Field Day!

The kids had field day yesterday at their school. It was an awesome day! The weather was beautiful - warm, but not too hot! Chase's class color was red and he had a blast!
Some of his favorite stations were the water ones...by the end of the day he was soaked!
Cody was a great sport...he was secretly excited knowing he would get to be a part of field day next year. He was so funny....I think he was scared of getting sunburned because at every station he would sit down and load up on the sunscreen!
Paige got soaked in the sponge game....they had to hold the bottle on their head and the team had to squeeze a sponge full of water into the bottle...whoever filled up their bottle first won! She was soaked by the end as well!
They had a great time! Paige loved her shirt because her teacher let them tye-dye! I say she is pretty daring, but then again Paiges teacher is absolutely fabulous!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Little Bit of This and a whole lot of That!

Tonight Jordan had her induction ceremony for the National Junior Honor Society! WHEW!!! She made it! What a great accomplishment for her....way to go Jordan! Now lets see if she can keep her "all A" status. She was also nominated to run for office next year....she isn't so sure of that, because she found out tonight that the officers have to give a "speech" at the ceremony. Most of you know she isn't big on public speaking....either way....I'm so proud of her!Paige finished another masterpiece! This picture is for her Aunt Sheri. Sheri sent her a picture of her dog Coco, so after a lot of work trying to get the face just right....she was finally happy with the end product. It's kind of hard to see the original picture, but I think it is pretty close! Great job Paige!!! On to the next painting!
Rick is in Houston for a couple of days, so my little helper....put the trash cans away for me, but got stuck! The other day I registered Cody for Kindergarten. I told Rick the other night, that I just might cry when he goes next year....As time goes by, I am realizing how much fun we have together. I'm not quite sure what I will do with nobody home! I'm sure I will figure it out, but I will definately miss him! His new words are "terrific" and "exactly". He told me today that his ice cream was terrific! It was so cute!