Sunday, January 27, 2008

Christmas is FINALLY coming down!

Well, it is almost February and I finally got my Christmas ornaments off my tree. No the Christmas tree isn't actually down yet, but that is a start right? Pathetic - I know!!! The upstairs is a total disaster with Christmas bins everywhere. My goal is to have it all put away in the next couple of days. (didn't I say that last week?) :-)
The kids are doing great! Jordan finished with her first semester and got all A's on her report card. Paige continues to paint, paint, paint! She has a project on the solar system due this week, and of course she wanted to do a painting. I told her to just start it in her art class on Friday and we could finish it over the weekend. To my surprise she came home from art and it was all finished! Yeah! Chase had his second basketball game Saturday. He was a rebound king! He did great! He is so fun to watch....I don't think I have ever seen a little guy run faster up and down the court. We are talking full on sprint. Tonight we did get to go to his "great to be 8" meeting. I can't believe my little Chase will be getting baptized this year. CRAZY! Code-man is loving going to work with me. Every morning he wakes up and asks, "are we going to work today?" One he gets to play the wii with a little buddy, and two he loves to "help me work". He actually gets paid sometimes!
All in all we are doing great! Life is busy, the kids are great, and we are happy! What more can you ask for!
Paige wanted to give her painting to her teacher at school, but Rick likes it so much he is hoping she will give it to him to hang in his office at work

Chase hustles up and down that court....he had a great game!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Keeping Busy!!!

Once the nice Christmas break was over, everything started full speed ahead again! I have been super busy working for a lady helping her with an online business. I have been working almost everyday. It's awesome because it doesn't feel much like working. The lady I work with is great and we get A LOT of chatting in! She also has a little boy Cody's age, so he thinks it's awesome! Since I have been so busy we still have our Christmas tree up. How pathetic is that????? It is absolutely going down this weekend! Last weekend officially started our busy season once again. Jordan had her first tournament with the Club Volleyball team she is playing with. She personally did great! Paige had a birthday on January 13 - she turned 9. We had a great time as a family (plus friend) ice skating. The kids all did great with minimal falls. Chase is getting ready to start his basketball season this weekend, and Cody - well, as usual, he is awesome. His new phrase is, "Thank you my lady!" What a cutie. We are looking forward to crazy times ahead, but life wouldn't be normal for us if it was any other way!
Paige loves her webkinz!
cute kiddos!

All Paige wanted to do was to go ice skating for her birthday. Notice the crown? Yes, she was an ice princess!

Happy 9th birthday Paige!

Jordan loves playing volleyball with Club Legacy. The first tournament was "interesting", but looking forward to this weekend!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


This year for Christmas my whole family was together....we haven't all been together for Christmas for 4 years ( I think). There were 19 people at my parents house! It was organized chaos! The cousins had a great time, and I had fun with my sisters and brother. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and have a very happy new year!

My brother Donny with the grandkids (minus the twins)

Me with mom and dad

Grandma made gingerbread cookies with the kids and made each one of them their own apron with their name on it!

The one thing the kids wanted this year was a Wii! They were super surprised when they opened it. I must say it is great excercise and the kids played it everyday all day!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Okay, I am finally going to try and keep this updated! My sister has showed me how to get this all going, so maybe I can remember it all! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are having a great start to the new year.