Monday, November 30, 2009

Week Before Thanksgiving!!

Is it just me or does it seem like we just had Halloween?? Where did November go?? October, November, and December are my favorite months and they seem to go by the fastest. Let me try and catch up! The week before Thanksgiving was a busy one for our family.

First thing is first!!! Remember how I mentioned on a few posts back that Paige was running for Historian of 5th grade? WELL.........SHE WON!!!! Way to go Paige! Can't wait to see the scrapbook you put together!

In 5th grade the kids are given the opportunity to go to Sky Ranch. Sky Ranch is an awesome campground about an hour and a half away from us. Parents that would like to go are put into a random drawing and guess what!!!!! I was chosen to go with Paige! I was so excited! I had the opportunity to go to Sky Ranch when Jordan was in 5th grade and was hoping to be able to go with Paige. I dug out my camo and was ready to go! We were able to campout for 3 days. We left bright and early on Wednesday (Nov 18th). Once we got there we were able to get settled into our cabins. The cabins were so nice and the area was so beautiful. I loved all the trees and our cabin had a great view of the lake. While at Sky Ranch the kids have opportunities to take classes that were pre selected by their teachers. The first class my group took was Native Americans. The kids learned about the different Indian tribes, learned how they lived, and about their culture. The kids also had a chance to practice shooting a bow and arrow. Paige did great! I on the other hand was pathetic! On my first try, my arrow didn't go anywhere but straight down. After a few more tries and some help from the counselor, I managed to hit my target. There is a big cafeteria there with great food. It was so nice, because I was truly there as a chaperon...just to make sure the kids were doing what they were suppose to, but other than that - the counselors took over. I felt like all I had to do was RELAX!! Wahooo! We had a great group of girls in our cabin. They were very sweet and didn't stay up too late! AND we didn't have any drama! Amazing with a group of 11 girls! The next day the kids did the challenges class. This involved different activities where the kids had to work together. The first test was when Paige was blindfolded and suppose to lead the rest of the group. Their job was to also close their eyes and listen to her direction. Another test was crossing a log 2 at a took the kids awhile to figure it out, but they soon figured the best way was to step over each other...that was pretty funny to watch. They all wanted to group up with Paige because she was the smallest! The kids were also given the opportunity to ride the zip line. I was so proud of Paige...I wasn't sure she would do it because it was pretty high, but she did it and came down with a big smile on her face! I even had a chance to give it a try. It was awesome....I hadn't done that since 6th grade. That night the counselors put on a fun campfire for the kids. They did such cute skits and really got the kids involved. Paige was in heaven...she wasn't at school, she was having fun camping, spending time with her friend (another Paige), sitting in the great outdoors, and of course the best part was spending time with her mom. (okay, I added that part:)The girls were so fired up from the campfire, they weren't ready for bed. Some of the girls stayed up telling ghost stories, some danced and sang, and Paige was in a heated card game. We also had great weather. The rain held off until the last day. By that time we were loading up and getting ready to go anyway. We had a great time at Sky Ranch. I figure this was my last time it is Ricks turn to go with the boys! Paige is such a good sport and is so easy to take places...thanks for letting me go with you Paige! I had a great time!


After camping for three days, I was a bit tired and to be honest wasn't super excited for our next adventure. Saturday morning bright and early we were suppose to go an hour away to a cub scout camp for Chase. His scout troop was spending the day here. Families were invited and we would be cooking over the fire. As I mentioned it had started raining Friday and continued Friday night. My thoughts were; I don't want to get up early and I really don't want to sit out in the mud! But the adventure wasn't cancelled. SO..the family was up and headed to Duncanville by 8:30. Once we arrived, I must say - I was pleasantly surprised. The spot our troop reserved was at the pirate ships. They had two giant ships facing each other. We have fabulous scout leaders who had great activities planned. The boys got swords, no not real ones - styrofoam ones! They fought, went on treasure hunts, made boats and floated them, climbed ropes and each den did a skit. Cody was in heaven! Running crazy, playing, and climbing! We also roasted hot dogs and made smores. It was a great day! Before we left we had one last adventure - there is a "cave" there. It's actually an completely dark tunnel, somewhat underground. The sign above clearly stated flashlights required, but we figure we didn't REALLY need flashlights....Boy were we wrong! Paige and I headed wasn't too bad at first, but the farther we got, the darker it got. And the space was getting smaller and smaller. This was the day we found out Paige may have closterphobic issues...I can't blame her though! We were in the tunnel and not sure which way to go. Kids were in front of us and behind us. Finally, someone came through with a very small flashlight. I feel bad, but I grabbed that from him and Paige and I made our way back to the beginning. (I was afraid she was going to pass out!) Yes, I left the boy and everyone in a pitch black tunnel - but they didn't seem to mind. Before we left - Paige did finally go all the way through the tunnel, along with all the other kids. We had a great day and I am so glad we went! Can't wait for next year.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Why am I up????

So it is 1:25 and I have church at 8:30...holy cow - why am I up??? One reason is I need to update my blog....but that will have to happen tomorrow! It's been a fun, but crazy week. I do have a few thoughts I wanted to jot this may not make any sense to some, but to me putting them down may help me sleep better....

*glad when things I wasn't sure about, turn out super fun, and you feel so glad you got to do it!
*glad for one on one time spent with children
*so happy I can talk seriously with children, but have it be fun too
*wondering if I am ready for the "teenage" years - looking forward to it and not looking forward to it....both for many reasons
*sorry for things that may be turned around and not meant in the way they were intended
*wondering how to become more organized
*greatful for opportunites that help me grow (even though you don't think of them as growing opportunities at the time)
*wondering why time has to go by so fast?
*thinking I just want to sit back and enjoy
*wondering why things can be so difficult - is it that it truly is difficult or I just make them that way?
*grateful for friends
*so happy to enjoy the outdoors
*love the holidays
*and love sleep.....need to get some.....
Now you know what goes through my mind at night....thanks for letting me jot these things down....this is somewhat of a journal after all right??? Im allowed to right the good, bad, and just the way it is....right????

The Day is Finally HERE!

3 more days....17 hours and 30 more night....4 hours.....Jordan was so excited to get her braces off, she had it down to the second when they would be coming off! Two years ago, she got them on. We remember because it was right before we left for Thanksgiving break and I remember feeling bad for her because her mouth would be sore for Thanksgiving dinner. Jordan and I were thinking back and talking about how she wasn't going to miss her mouth getting cut up by wires, food getting stuck in her braces, or her top lip getting stuck on her top braces. She has done such a good job keeping her teeth clean. She was very loyal to the waterpick!!! She couldn't go on a trip without it. (much better than I was when I had braces!) Jordan headed off to school Tuesday morning anxious and excited. I picked her up and as a little joke, I told her the doctor may decide to keep them on. She didn't think that was funny! As the dorky mom, I took my camera to get the before and after here she is BEFOREAnd here is her beautiful smile after. Her teeth look great! The first thing she said once they were off was, "okay, lets get them whitened!!! She is so excited to have her braces is funny because she will forget she can actually bite into things now and I catch her tearing apart her food. Jordan you are as beautiful as ever! Congrats babe, I know it is a great feeling to have them off!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Chase!!!

Saturday was Chase's 9th birthday!! I can't believe it! The time seems to go by so fast. Chase was such a cute baby. He was my "chubby" baby and I loved it! What a good baby he was. Just mellow, went with the flow, didn't mind being drug everywhere, and had the cutest laugh and smile! He is still just the same! Chase has been such a joy and blessing to our family. Chase really wanted to go ice skating for his birthday. We went as a family and invited his good buddy Colton and his family to come along. Chase just wanted a small party with family and his best friend. Chase has gotten so good on ice skates. Each time we go, he tries to go a little faster and this time practiced his jumps! Cody was a crazy man on his ice skates and Paige keeps getting better and better. It takes her awhile to get comfortable, but usually near the end, she is ready to go. I had fun skating round with her, just steady and slow. (I didn't need to do any falling down!) Jordan loves to skate around with everyone - and does really well. It was pretty late when we got home, but Rick, the boys, and Paige had planned on sleeping outside in the tent. I thought for sure they would all have changed their minds when we got home, but nope....out they went. They were so tired, I think once their heads hit the pillow they were out. The next morning was Chase's REAL birthday, so we started the day off with a yummy breakfast and presents! Chase got a ramp and new skateboard. It didn't take long once breakfast was finished for the kids to rush outside to practice their jumps on bikes with the ramp. Chase got some pretty good air and Cody "thought" he got some air! Give him a few days, and I'm sure he will actually get his tires off the ramp :) Sunday we had a family birthday dinner with Chase. Grandpa and Davey came over to celebrate with us. WOW - he got to celebrate his birthday for 3 days!!! Chase we love you so much buddy! You are growing up so fast and turning into such a wonderful young man. I am so proud of you! I love you!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Paige has done it AGAIN!

Yes, Paige once again shows her artistic abilities...Every year at our elementary school the children are involved in Tigerthon. This is where the kids pledge to run laps. People donate money for each lap the kids run. This year there was a contest for a child at the school to design the t-shirt. I remember Paige had mentioned something about this and worked on a drawing for this contest. She hadn't asked for any help, just in her own quiet way, she put something together and submitted it. Yeap, you guessed it....SHE WON! I love the shirt...the theme this year at their school is live, learn, lead. Paige did a great job using the theme for this shirt. What an honor for her. Everyone in the whole school was wearing her shirt design...She is awesome!The school was very nice and made sure that the entire family got a shirt. I was so proud to wear my shirt, and yes, bragged a little that I knew the artist :)
The kids did a great job running their laps. Tigerthon was on November 11 and it was a very warm day. Chase did awesome and ran his highest yet at 12 laps. He was super sweaty and super hot when he got finished...way to go Chase! Cody was so cute running his laps...he would walk, then sprint, then jog, then sprint, then get some water. What a cutie....He did a great job!I never know how Paige is going to seems her asthma fires up when she is running. She sucked it up and did great! She ended up running almost two miles. Her face was so red when she was finished, but she didn't care, because this was her last more for her since she will be in middle school next year. The kids did a great job! Paige, dad and I are so proud of you. Keep up the great art work sweetie!

Talent, Politics, and Fun!

Life is good!!! Things are very busy between church, sports, school activities, and everyday happenings - but I look at all of this and feel very lucky. I look at the kids and see all that they are involved in and sometimes I think...wouldn't it be nice if we just didn't have so much going on??? But then I look at all that they do, the people they influence, how they have grown, and experiences they are able to have and I love it! My cute Cody is growing so much everyday. Now that he is in first grade, I can tell his mind is moving a mile a minute. He has so many questions, comments, and thoughts he loves to share with us everyday. His personality is even more "VIBRANT" than before. He is so creative! His new love are his roller blades...if he is moving, he has his roller blades on. In the house, out of the house, and everywhere else. He has gotten super fast and really good at turning and stopping. He generally just zooms right by me in the kitchen...Cody also has continued with his soccer - he is such a heads up player, cautious, but a great player. Its funny how my boys are very competitive with each other, but not so much on the playing field. They do their job on the field and are quiet about it. Chase had the opportunity to take part in the "kids council" with his third grade class. They went on a field trip downtown McKinney and do a mock city council meeting. Chase was chosen to present a plan to the council. He did a great job. With all the rain we had this fall, baseball games were a little crazy....some weeks we had one game, some weeks no games, and other weeks we played three games. Chase did a great job! He played second base, outfield, and tried third base. He even got to pitch in one game and did awesome!!! He struck two kids out! Pretty good for never pitching before! Chase loved playing baseball...he had taken a little break from it for a couple of seasons. I think having his good buddy Colton on the team made it even more fun for him. This year in fifth grade they are trying student council for the first time....Paige decided she wanted to run for Historian...her poster was so cute! Her slogan was, "PIC" Paige!!! We find out this week....keep your fingers crossed. Paige was also recognized this past week for being a great leader in fifth grade. There were 2 students picked in her class that showed qualities of a good leader. She was recognized at an assembly they had where the Mayor came and spoke to the kids. This is a picture of Paige and the Mayor of McKinney. Paige also finished another painting...I love this one. I think this is another one of my favorites!Last weekend was our ward Talent Show. The young women did a really cute song about being yourself. Jordan was a great sport and dressed up for the song...check out her hair! How did they get her hair to do that??? She has plastic cups in each ponytail to make it stick up like that! CRAZY! Rick and I were also in the talent show...I know - can you believe it....some friends of mine talked our husbands into doing the talent show and we came up with doing synchronized swimming....not to brag, but we did AWESOME! The guys are what made it...they did great!wow - look at those legs go!We even got them to do a lift at the end of the song! AMAZING! It was a blast....Rick I owe you big time, thanks for being such a good sport!Rick and I have found some time to spend with each other and good friends...our friend heated up his hot tub and even his pool.....nope, I didn't get was still too cold for me! I didn't realize there were that many of us in the hot tub!
As crazy has life has been over the past few weeks, I look at it all and am grateful for the opportunities and fun memories made!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

HALLOWEEN 2009!!!!

I love Halloween and love it even more when it is on the weekend! We had GREAT weather - not too hot and not too cold! Costumes took a little time to decide this year, but we finally figured it all out. Cody was the only one that absolutely KNEW what he wanted to be! In fact, he wanted Rick to be his twin. Chase finally decided on a vampire, but was adimate about NO makeup! Paige decided on Raggedy Ann. I loved her costume...the sad thing is, these days not a lot of people know who she is! Only the grown ups! And Jordan, finally decided on a flapper girl, eventhough she had no idea what that was! As for guessed it...Strawberry Shortcake!
Our Halloween festivites always start with trick-or-treating on the square in downtown McKinney. This year they did it on Friday. The kids LOVED this because that meant.....getting out of school early, getting to put on their costumes twice, AND MORE candy!!! The square is so much fun...crazy and crowded, but fun! The kids get to trick-or-treat to all the shops and restaurants. The owners are all dressed up and make it so fun for the kids.We went with our neighbors this year and had a great time! We were also able to catch up with our sweet Maddie....she was so cute in her costume. She loved putting her little bucket out for candy....but liked eating it more!
It was great having Halloween be on a Saturday! We had the whole day to get ready! We did squeeze in Cody's soccer game, but also had time to carve pumpkins, decorate the front of the house and make our FEAST of FOOD! What would Halloween be without the "Halloween Buffet"? Rick was busy carving pumpkins with the kids at our friends house....the kids worked hard picking out their designs, but the dad's seemed to be the most dedicated to that project! I think the pumpkins turned out great!
Davey stopped by to celebrate with us and became my right hand man in the kitchen! His job.....Halloweenies! Those little suckers take a lot of time to make....he was on top of it though. Paige was my decorator. She made sure the table looked just right, with all the labels where they should be!
The food was so good and our table looked amazing! Thanks for helping me guys!
Of course dad was there to walk the neighborhood with us. It was sad not having mom here this year...MOM - we all missed the blonde wig, crazy hat, and purple robe!
Jordan was looking forward to friends coming over and then watching scary movies! She has such a great group of friends. They all looked great too! Like all kids do, they had to dig through their bags to find the best candy! The rest of the night they were up watching Gremlins....I guess I didn't realize that movie was very scary, but all we heard downstairs were screams. I guess it didn't help when Rick secretly went up the stairs and scared them all half to death! I loved it! The house was packed with kids and friends - it was a blast! The kids favorite part after getting all their candy is sorting it all out and "trading." This year they also weighed their candy!!! Each of their piles were atleast 10 POUNDS. That makes me sick just thinking about it! We had a great night and can't wait for next year. I already know what Rick and I are going to be. (I gave you this year off babe...get ready for next year!)