Sunday, June 21, 2009

It's Summer!!!!

We are getting ready to start our third week of summer and I can't believe I haven't blogged anything. AHHHH!!! Okay, so here goes some major blogging! The first week the kids were out, Jordan left for girls camp in Arkansas. They went to Lake Ouachita. It was a long 5 1/2 hour drive, but she had such a great time. I have gone to girls camp with her every year, and this was my first year not going...I was so sad. BUT - she had a blast!!! The lake was beautiful, surrounded by a bunch of trees, and the water was so clear they went snorkling! She came home completely sunburned, but totally excited and pumped because of how much fun she had. She did an awesome job taking pictures too!!! Im hoping our family can take a trip up there soon!

Chase also was able to attend Twilight Camp for the first time this year. That also started the first week after school was out. He went from 4:00 to 9:00 for the entire week. We got him his bucket to carry and sit on, and the exciting event was making his swap ems!!! We decided to glue bugs on clothes pins to pin on his hat. They were totally awesome and after the first day he had traded so many his hat was full. Chase was so excited after the first day - he and his buddy made more swap ems. I was able to attend one of the days - unfortunately we had major storms and we had to head home early, but Rick was able to get in on the fun the following night. Chase made a really cool tool box and bird house. He had a blast and can't wait for next year. It was so crazy - with both Jordan and Chase gone in the evenings, we only had Paige and Cody. We weren't sure what to do with just the two of them. I think we ate out every night that week. Hooray for no cooking!!!

I was glad come Friday night when everyone was home safe and sound and we were all together again! Saturday was my primary very first one as Primary President. Personally, I thought it was great! Time to start planning for the next one! :) Last week was so nice! We were all home and started enjoying our sleep in time and hang out mode!!! LOVE IT! Jordan was busy with volleyball camp and summer workouts, but that didn't stop her from hanging with her girlfriends. We did get some swimming in and like a complete idiot I completely got sunburned. I am so great at putting sunscreen on the kids, but not myself! I had quite the farmers tan going, so I thought I would just get a little sun and even things out a bit....NO!! It feels more like 3rd degree burns! I was so mad at myself. That was definately a time I wished for a do-over! Lesson definately learned!!!
Last Friday was my turn to host supper club. My friend Jessica and I decided to do a Luau here is what we came up with....We decided to serve Teriyaki chicken, lime rice, and broccoli. We had a ton of fruit everywhere....pina coladas, and yummy chocolate coconut pie! Jessica was amazing...thanks for all your help and ideas!!! I have the best matter where we are or what we are doing we have an awesome time!!! I introduced the group to Ligretto and now the competition is on!!!! Thanks guys for making me constantly smile!Saturday was full of fun in the sun! Not for me though! I kept my shirt on and stayed in the shade most of the time. Chase was able to go to an air show with my cousin.
Chase loved it! The planes put on a great show and afterward he got to walk up close to the planes and even sit in the helicopters....what could be better right??? Jordan was with friends getting ready for the church dance, Paige was at art class with Grandma, and dad and Cody were in the pool. Sounds like Summer!!!! To make the day even better, we got to hang out with our favorite little munchkin....Maddie. The kids thought it was hilarious to see how many leis we could put on her! She makes us laugh and smile - we love when we get to have her!We are all smitten....yes all of us.
The final big event was fathers day!!!! WAHOOOOO for fathers!!!! We had a great day spending time with family and friends. Mom and dad came over for dinner and a marathon of Ninja Warrior....yes - we are hooked. Pathetic I know!!! Then we headed off to some friends for good times and games. A special thanks to my dad - who means more to me than words can express. To my father-in-law who is a wonderful and loving father. He raised an incredible son! And to my hubby, Rick. I couldn't ask for a better dad for the kids. They adore you....I'm truly blessed to be surrounded by such great men!

Sunday, June 7, 2009


HOORAAAAAAYYYYYY!! That is all I have to say!!!! I am so happy school is over! This past month seemed SO crazy! And this last week was even crazier! First off was a surprise party for Chase's teacher. She is retiring this year. She is so amazing! Jordan had her when she was in second grade and we loved her then. Good luck Mrs. Chapman!!!That evening Jordan had her 8th grade graduation. Before I start - I can't even believe she is going to start high school next year. Where has the time gone???? She has grown into such a beautiful young lady. I keep thinking only 4 more years....and then.....the tears come! She is excited about attending Boyd High School (a very LARGE high school) and starting seminary. Rick and I wanted to make this a special night for Jordan, to let her know how proud we are of her. We don't pay the kids for getting good grades, so we wanted to let Jordan know we appreciate all her hard work. She ended up with honors - which meant she was not only on the A honor roll for 8th grade, but 6th and 7th too!!! Let's hope that continues in high school! We got her a wrist corsage that her dad put on her. What a sweet picture of her dad tieing her corsage. Jordan also got her first set of "real" jewelry! Earrings and a necklace in her birthstone color. (amythest) She looked so beautiful! Jordan is quite the social butterfly, so it was fun to see her having fun and giggling with her friends before the start of the graduation. She has been blessed with wonderful friends who have made her middle school years a blast!

The graduation was great! I couldn't believe how many kids there were, which made me wonder how long her high school graduation would be!!! Jordan, Dad and I are so proud of you. Keep up the hard work for the next four years. I can't believe how fast you are growing up. Thank you for being the sweet girl you are!
Cody's end of the year party was "SPLASH DAY!" All kindergartners look forward to splash day! This is a day of fun in the sun, playing in water, having races, and popsicles!
Cody was so excited and also so nervous it would be cancelled because of rain in the forecast! Luckily it was an awesome day....not too hot, a little overcast, and perfect for being outside. I would have to say Cody's favorite part of the day was playing with the shaving cream. He was completely covered. The funny part was that I looked over and he had about 4 little girls rubbing shaving cream all over him. Hopefully he knows this is the ONLY time for a LONG time a girl will be rubbing something on him. It was funny though.....he didn't think much of it and the girls just love Cody! I was partly in charge of the big day, so I recruited Rick to come help. He was in charge of refilling buckets with water, so in other words THE HOSE! He had fun squirting the kids and watching Cody with his friends. The kids had their last day on June 4th - I was so happy to be out of school and done with the craziness I wanted to cry! I LOVE summer! It is so nice to relax, take it easy, and just enjoy some time without homework and the busy life. Not to say we aren't busy, it is just a different kind of busy! Friday, me, my mom, and the little kids headed off to Temple, TX for my cousins graduation. Congratulations Bailey!!! We had a great time seeing my cousins and my aunt and uncle! We aren't ALL together very often, so when we are it is awesome! It is crazy, because my cousins are now starting to have!
This week starts the beginning of summer! Jordan is headed off to girls camp in Arkansas for the week and Chase will be involved with his first Twilight Camp every evening! Which means Rick and I are attending our first Twilight Camp too! Today we were busy making his "swap ems" - they are totally cool....Paige and Cody will be taking it easy!!! So happy it's summer!!!!