Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Eve Festivities!

It is a tradition in our family that every Christmas Eve we have a big Turkey dinner. Even Jordan helped out in the kitchen!!! Mom sets the table with her best China! We have an adult table and a kid table. (Jordan was super excited this year - because she was able to sit at the adult table. She got to be Donny's date for the night.) The kids loved having their "private" table and were super excited to eat their yummy food and get on with the night! Before we eat, we have always gone around the table lighting candles and each person shares what they are grateful for! This is one of my favorite traditions. Sometimes we don't always take the time to thank those around us and let them know how we truly feel. This is the perfect opportunity to reflect on the past year and realize how blessed we truly are! Thanks mom and dad for such a special Christmas dinner! I know it takes most of the day to plan and prepare the meal, but I really appreciate it and I know my kids do too! After we eat and clean up dinner, it always seems like picture time!!! Everyone in front of the tree!!! This is my, Kristen, mom, me, and Donny. Kelsey we really missed you this year, and of course Katie is always in our thoughts. We know she wasn't there physically, but we know she was with us! Here is Grandma with the girls!!And Grandpa with the boys!! Looks like we are out numbered ladies!!Donny and Jordan love to mess around!!Have you ever seen cuter elves????Next the program begins!!Ideally, everyone contributes to the program. Each family, grandma, grandpa, kids, EVERYONE! The Bloomfields sang Silent Night and Parker did a great job signing the song. The Peterson's sang Jingle Bells with balloons....(Rick even wore his Awesome sweater - one last time!) What a great guy I am married too!!The guys played their yearly songs on the untuned mini piano's. This is always hilarious because I'm not sure they have figured out how terrible they sound. They are just worried about playing the right notes. Donny performed an awesome song and dance to the song that fits him perfectly while wearing his Christmas outfit...."I'm Too Sexy!" He is quite the dancer!!! Jordan did a great job signing "Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer" while the rest of us sang. We can tell she is actually paying attention in her sign language class! Finally, Grandpa read the Christmas story from the scriptures followed by an awesome video. The Family Program is always a favorite of mine!!!
Next comes opening all the presents under the tree. These are the presents from cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents! Paige was super excited to get her madgab game from Grandma and Grandpa. She also loved her very own makeup from Kristen and Shane!!The boys love playing with their Spy Gear! They loved the gifts from Kelsey and Mike. Do I need to even explain why Jordan LOVES this gift! It is already hanging up on her wall, along with 3 other posters of the beloved Jacob!The kids also get to open their Christmas Jammies!!! (another tradition) I loved this years jammies!!! Holiday smiley faces!Even Grandpa had his "personal" jammies on! Looks like this year it is THE GRINCH! The night ended with the kids checking on the Santa Tracker where Santa was....he was already in Georgia, so they ran up the stairs and straight to bed. I went up to check on them, and they all said...."we forgot to put out reindeer food." So of course we all ran downstairs, gathered our reindeer food (oatmeal and carrots), went out in the FREEZING cold and threw it on the lawn. Then back inside and back up to bed! We had a great day! That night especially, I was reminded of how lucky I am to have such a great family and super husband. Not only one that would pack up and move to my parents for two weeks (even though we are only 30 minutes from home) but one that loves and supports me!

I'm Dreaming of a WHITE CHRISTMAS!!

Ask and ye shall recieve!!!!! The kids were excited to be in Texas for Christmas, but missed being in New Mexico because the chance for a white Christmas was a bit highter if we were there. BUT..... Look what happened on Christmas Eve DAY!!!! We couldn't believe it! We opened the front door at Grandma and Grandpa's house and look what we saw. SNOW!!! Who would have thought!!! The kids were so excited for a couple of reasons....number 1 - it was snowing!! number 2 - we would have a white Christmas!! And number 3 - they couldn't wait to play in it! Rick, Shane, Cody, and Parker were the first ones out! They started a snowball fight in no time! Paige was next to join the fun, but as soon as she stepped out of the door, Uncle Shane took hold of her :) She was laughing the whole time....wondering if she would get thrown into the snow or not! Everyone looked like they were having so much fun - I joined in. But I was still in my workout shorts....not a good idea! Of course my loving husband grabbed a hold of me and tried to get me into the snow....(yes, that is me practically folded in half)I put up a good fight - and eventually broke free. (Actually - he probably let me break free...very smart on his end :) We were so excited we would have a White Christmas! Now we can't ever say......IT NEVER SNOWS FOR CHRISTMAS IN TEXAS!

The rest of the day was very relaxing! Rick enjoyed a nap on the couch! Paige and Jordan enjoyed playing the piano together. Chase got in a little computer time. The kids enjoyed a few card games with Uncle Donny.Cody - well, he just wanted to stay out in the snow all day!
Throughout the day, the grown ups (or should I say ladies) were working on the FEAST we have on Christmas Eve!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

BC......(Before Christmas)

At this time of year, I find that there is much that goes on around my house. Which means, I tend to get a little behind on my blogging :( So....this is called the "BC" segment. (Before Christmas)
School ended this year with a bang. The kids had multiple parties. Actually, I think - the last week was way too much fun for them. Playing games, watching movies, and the best part eating snacks!! Cody had a special program for us to go to. He wrote the cutest invitation and invited Grandma to come too! His class read, "Twas The Night Before Christmas!" Cody was a reader and a "prop". He did a great job!
Paige was the cutest little elf in school. She has worn this costume ever since Kindergarten. This year she went to put on her costume and realized it had gotten a little snug. She came to me and said, "Mom, I really need to have a new elf costume. Can we please make me a new one." I would have thought she would grow out of wanting to wear the elf costume by now, but I'm so glad she hasn't! A good friend of mine sewed her a new costume and Paige was exstatic! Everyone at school loved her outfit - and I love that we have our own personal elf at our house.
We also had sweet Maddie over. We love our time with her...she is getting so big and fun. The kids just love her. If you didn't know better, you would think she was part of our family. We just consider her the kids adopted little sister! Baking is a must at Christmas time. Of course sugar cookies need to be made. I was baking cookies for the primary children at church and the boys decided they wanted in on the fun. They put their aprons on and took over. Yes, there was a little more flour on the floor and on faces than normal, but we had a great time! >When it was all said and done, they were a little bummed all the cookies weren't for them. I assured them, there was more baking to be done!:)
Every year, I try to gather the kids and make time to get pictures taken with Santa. Some of the kids are outgrowing it, BUT - once they see him and sit on his lap, they are glad they shared their wants with the BIG GUY! The kids are good sports to humor their mother!

Jordan has a good friend that she really wanted to give a Christmas present too! This was no ordinary present. For some reason she thought Brayden WANTED a yummy pie for Christmas. She had been planning this for months, and with the help of his family (who was totally on board), she accomplished her goal! A PIE IN THE FACE! We went to his house, and while I persuaded him that I needed help with something in my car, Jordan was hiding behind a pillar just waiting for the attack. Poor guy, never saw it coming!!Brayden was a good sport. But remember Jordan......paybacks!!!
The weekend ended with Jordan having some friends over for a little chimnea and smore party. As Cody puts it....."I got a hunch its gonna be a nice, nice, Christmas!"

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Gift That Keeps on Giving!!

My cousin Davey and his wife Kristi gave the kids some hermit crabs for Christmas. What perfect timing!!!! I was working the science sale at school last week, and we were selling hermit crabs. Cody wanted one so bad, but I kept saying no! My cousin Davey had asked me awhile ago if he could give the kids his hermit crabs....SO - that was their Christmas gift. The kids were SO excited. They have been so cute with them - checking on them everyday, making sure their little home is all set up and checking to make sure they have plenty of food and water. The Crabs names are Sharkey, Hulk, and Claudia. (You can probably figure out who is who by their shells.) Last night while the kids were playing with them, Sharkey and Hulk were coming out of their shells so much the kids thought for sure they were going to climb out. They wanted to head immediately to the pet store to buy new shells for them to climb into. I told them they would have to wait a day - so tonight we headed to the pet store to buy new shells. The new shells we have look so huge! But the guy at the pet store assured me, these were the right size. The kids are so excited - they want to watch the crabs every second to see if they will find themselves a new home. Cody was so cute - he was watching the crabs and they hadn't moved in awhile. He said, "They aren't going to come out until night time because they are fraternal." I tried not to laugh out loud, and had to just hide my face in my hands. Sharkey seems to like this particular shell - maybe this will be his new home???? Tonight while I was taking pictures of the kids, I asked them to hold up the crabs. Nobody wanted to hold them in fear that they would fall out of their shells. (They seem to come out pretty far when you lift them up.) Jordan grabbed one, and just as I went to take the picture, Sharkey came farther and farther can tell from the look on the kids faces - they were pretty worried that would be the end of Sharkey!! I love this picture...Paige and Cody's faces are priceless!!!!

Another infactuation at our house over the past few days has been Cody and his snowflakes. This little guy has gone snowflake crazy!!! He is amazed at what each and every snowflake will look like once he opens them up. He has made about forty of them and has saved them all. He got himself a little folder to put them all in. I love that he is enjoying his creative side! And I love all the tiny pieces of white paper everywhere even more! :)