Friday, January 30, 2009


When playing softball I would often have to hit against the ever dreaded "curve ball." When the pitcher would pitch the ball I would be standing in the batters box. Prepared, ready to hit what was coming at me. I would see the ball leave the pitchers hand and know exactly where it was going...THEN the unexpected would happen and the ball would curve to the left or to the right. Sometimes I would be ready for it and hit the ball, while other times I was not prepared and it would blow right by me. Last Wednesday I was pitched a major curve I was not ready or prepared for! I went to youth night just like every other Wednesday. I was setting up for our activity when the bishop asked to speak with me. He called me into his office, which I admit - made me feel a little nervous. I felt like I was in elementary school, in trouble, and going to the principals office :-)
Once we were in there he let me know that I would be released from my current calling of working with the youth in my ward. Immediately the water works turned on! I LOVE working with the youth. I learn so much from them. They have such strong testimonies and are amazing kids! The bishop looked at me and said they had another great calling for me. As I sat there and wondered what it could be, he said, "Are You Ready?" Then I heard words I never thought I would EVER hear, come out of his mouth. "We would like for you to be the PRIMARY PRESIDENT!!!!"
WHAT!!!!! Was all I could say! I have not worked in primary in a very long time and don't know anything about how the primary is run. Well, the nozzle turned back on and the tears started flowing once again. At that moment a million emotions were going through my mind. I can't do this, what will I do, how can I be over so many kids, can I take on this much resposibility? I don't think excited or happy were one of the emotions. Once I sat there in complete shock, I decided if this is where they felt like I should be then I would accept the calling. As I went home that night I still felt very unsure of myself. I walked into the house, saw Rick sitting in the chair and just stood there and cried. I think it was at that moment I realized the magnitude of this calling. Yes, I was VERY sad not to be working with the youth in the ward but at the same time what I was about to undertake was HUGE! Working with the children in the church is SO important. As their leader the amount of pressure is huge. As days went on I attended the temple, prayed, pondered, prayed some more, and of course prayed some more. I was able to choose some wonderful ladies to help me in my presidency. Once these ladies were put in place I have had a complete 180! I don't feel as overwhelmed, scared, and unsure. I do feel very humbled and can now say I am very excited and happy to be working with the children in the ward. It is amazing how the Lord can bless you with peace when you ask for it! I feel like I haven't prayed this long and hard for a very long time. I also find myself thinking about primary and these children 24/7. I am reminded how important these children are in Proverbs Chapter 22:6. "Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it." No pressure right??? I realize it is not soley my job to "train up the children." But I do feel that when they come to church each Sunday it is my job to make sure they know they are loved and that their Father in Heaven loves each one of them. It has been a week now and to my surprise I am very excited to take on this great challenge. I have already felt an amazing difference in my life.With that being said, any advice or ideas would be greatly appreciated! So - as this curve ball has completely thrown me for a loop, I am happy to report, I'm currently up, standing back in the batters box and ready for the next pitch!

Friday, January 23, 2009


"Every friend is like a snowflake, unique in beauty and design. Each sparkels in a diffrent way-some are playful, some refined. But, unlike fragile snowflakes that fade when the sun appears, friends grow even more beautiful with every passing year."

Throughout my life I have had many friends, many that were amazing and wonderful friends and some who I thought were my friends and later realized were NOT. As I get older I realize things don't need to be so complicated or atleast shouldn't be. Having a teenage daughter we have had the conversation many times about the importance of choosing good friends. Our good friend "Webster" defines friend as: a person you know well and regard with affection and trust; one who provides cooperation or assistance, a supporter. I truely believe that those who surround us can have a great impact on the person we are or will become. I have blogged many times about the amazing group of friends that I have. Tonight we had a wonderful dinner that my great friends Nissa-Lynn and Wendy put together. As I sat surrounded by this amazing group of ladies I realized that I am truely blessed. I am surrounded by strong members of the church, women that each in their own way inspire me, wonderful wives and mothers, women of great compassion, kindness, and love. I am blessed to call them my friends and lucky to be surrounded by women like that. Tonight we had a fabulous inspirational talk (thanks Nissa's mom!) She urged us to be confident, look at how wonderful we each are, be happy, be positive. To all "my girls"....I would say you are awesome! It is an absolute honor to be surrounded by you. I love that we are all different in our own way. We all have our own struggles, ups, and downs, and we all have our own lives that tend to keep us busy. BUT....I know that if I ever needed ANYTHING I could call on my girls to help me out. For that I say, THANK YOU! I look forward to everytime we are able to get together because I know I will walk away with a smile on my face and feel re-energized. I am a better person because of you, a better mom because of you, and a better friend because of you. Thank you for your examples! Tonight was so get caught up on everyone's lives...and Tiare, to meet little Ben. What a sweetheart! I love each of you for who you are and all that you teach me. I love that we are like snowflakes in that we are all different. That is what makes us so great together! And I know that because of the great friendships we have we will continue to grow with each other.Nissa-Lynn and Wendy thank you for a great must have been inspired because I needed to hear everything that was said tonight! Wendy - the food was fabulous and like always - Nissa you go the extra mile to add that extra special touch.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I love being a MOM!

So tonight at mutual we had a mom/career night. We had a panel of great moms who either had a career at one time or are currently working. They talked about how they worked when it was necessary, and loved/love being a mom. I LOVE being a mom! I loved it the other night when I crawled into bed and Cody was sleeping in my spot and when I climbed in he snuggled right up next to me. I love it when Cody comes down in the middle of the night and asks me to scoot over so he can, "sleep in the middle." I love it when Jordan tells me how her day was at school or asks me to curl her hair. I love it when I give Paige a hug at night and she doesn't want to let go. I love it when Chase asks me to pull his socks off at night before bed. I love dancing crazy with the kids in the morning at breakfast. I love hearing the kids say family prayer. I love Cody climbing on my lap to watch tv. I love hearing Paige play the piano. I love watching Chase play sports. I love listening to my kids giggle up in the bathroom while they are brushing their teeth. I love having four amazing kids who make my life full of joy. I am so lucky to be a mom. I know sometimes we as moms complain about how crazy life is, but I also know we wouldn't have it any other way!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Paige's Birthday Party!

It worked out that we were able to have Paige's birthday party on her actual birthday. She decided she wanted to have her party at Walls of Clay. With Paige loving art so much, this was right up her ally. Each of the kids were able to paint on and decorate their own plate. Everyone was VERY creative....I can't wait to see what the finished product looks like. (we will get them back in about a week) So to fit her "art" party I decorated her cake to look like an art pallet...(or atleast attempted too!) Paige has great friends and had a great time with them. Even Jordan, Chase, Cody, and Grandma got to make their own plates! Jordan put her initial with cute designs on hers, Grandma of course made a is a cute frog! Chase made a really cool design, and Cody - well...was a little bit of this and a little bit of that! Paige's will turn out so cute....she did a cupcake on hers. Cody made his own entertainment playing with the party hats!!!! Leave it to Cody!!!We were so glad Grandma was able to spend the day with us. The kids had a great time listening to fun stories about Grandma when she was little! It's always fun when Grandma is around! Paige was also very excited that Maddie was able to come to the birthday party! (Paige just loves her...our family is definately hooked!) At the party they make a plate for the birthday girl with everybodys fingerprint. Paige wanted to be sure Maddie didn't get left out.Paige was very lucky to get a lot of fun art things for her birthday along with many webkinz! She was very excited when she opened a jewelry box from Grandma and there was money in it!!! That is the best present of all!!! After her party we went over to Chili's for a little birthday dinner. The best part was the chocolate molten cake they brought out to Paige while singing happy birthday! I would say Paige had a great birthday! She is turning into such a beautiful young lady and growing so much! (We are really excited about the growing part! She had her well-visit today and has grown 3 inches!!!! Hooray Paige! That is quite the accomplishment for her....I knew something was going on because none of her pants are fitting her....way to go Paige....keep on adding those inches!!!)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Happy Birthday PAIGE!!!!!

10 years ago a sweet, beautiful baby girl joined our family! Paige was born at 12:15in the afternoon. She weighed in at 7 pounds 2 ounces and was 19 3/4 inches long. We didn't find out ahead of time what we were having, so Paige was a surprise! What an awesome surprise she was. Rick, Jordan, and I couldn't be more happy that we had another sweet little girl to join our family. With Paige I was scheduled to be induced, so we went to the hospital early the morning of the 13th. They started me with some medicine and it was all down hill from there! The delivery was great and Paige was perfect! Paige has always been such an easy going and fun kiddo! As I was looking at the pictures in the slide show I was reminded of how much joy Paige has brought into my life and our home.
Paige, I love you sweetie! You have such a good attitude about everything and are so loving and kind. I love that you are a tender-heart and that you love your sister and brothers so much. Our family would not be complete without you and your fun personality! Thank you for choosing to join our family and giving me the opportunity to be your mom. I love you sweetheart! Have an AWESOME day!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


This could quite possibly be the longest blog entry you have ever read, but bear with me....there are some fun pictures and stories. Also, I consider my blog to be somewhat of a journal, so I would hate to leave anything out. I did do one entry while we are gone, but I will still start from the beginning.

DAY 1 - Saturday December 20th: The night before a trip is always crazy at our house. I don't quite understand why I haven't learned my lesson yet. I knew for how long that we would be going out of town for Christmas? But still seem to save everything for the last minute! Rick and I had great hopes of leaving nice and early Saturday morning. (like around 4 or 5 AM) Well, we were both up all night packing, getting ready, and working on a video slideshow I was putting together for Chase's baptism we would be having in Farmington. Needless to say, I didn't sleep all night and at 7:00 am I woke up Rick to let him know that the dvd wouldn't burn. Luckily we called a friend who helped us out. THANK YOU JON!!!! Rick was out packing the suburban and getting it ready when he realized it needed a new belt put on. Well, by the time we left our street it was about 12:30. We didn't arrive in Farmington, New Mexico until 1:00 AM. Yes, we were tired, and ready for bed! The kids always amaze me how great they do on these long road trips.

DAY 2: Sunday December 21st: Sunday morning we woke up and believe it or not had the energy to go to church! Luckily it didn't start until 1:00. The kids put on their Christmas best and looked awesome! I love the Sunday before Christmas, there is just something about it! The messages that are shared and the feeling of why we celebrate Christmas is overwhelming. Singing Christmas hymns about the Savior! LOVE IT! Today was also Rick's parents 52nd wedding anniversary!!! What an accomplishment! Sunday nights are always fun at Grandma and Grandpas house. All the aunts, uncles, and cousins come over. We play games, eat, laugh, and have a great time!

DAY 3: Monday December 22nd: Today was a nice relaxing day...Rick and I caught up on our sleep and the kids enjoyed time with Grandma and Grandpa. Later in the afternoon there showed signs of snow! The kids were so excited they could hardly stand it. I went out to Walmart and bought some snow boots for the kids, luckily a friend gave us a bag of snow pants and jackets to use. Being from Texas we didn't have much of that at home. That night we went to the "Fantasy of Lights". We rode in a horse and buggy while being pulled around a park with sparkling lights. We have done this once before, but each time is so much fun and festive! Once we got home the kids couldn't stand it any longer....they had to get out into the snow! (Actually I don't know if it was the kids or Rick). Ricks parents live right next to the club house of the country club, so they went up to the grass (by the golf course) and started building their snowman! They built two huge ones! They ran to the house to get me, grandma, and grandpa to check out their masterpiece and thought they would be funny.....snowballs were awaiting us! I think it was after 10:00 when we finally went in the house. Cody would have stayed out all night long! We warmed up with some yummy hot chocolate and finally got the kids to bed.

DAY 4: Tuesday December 23rd: This is what we woke up too! You can imagine how excited the kids were...can you guess what we were going to do today????? SLEDDING BABY!!!!! Rick and the boys went to a tire shop and got some tubes. Before we headed out to the hills, the kids had to play in the snow....the boys helped grandpa out by shoveling the walks.Poor little Cody - didn't know it was so much work! I wish it snowed in Texas so my boys would get the job of shoveling the walks more often! Jordan decided she would let her brothers do all the work and she would "SNOW TAN". (Is there such a thing????) Paige wanted everyone to know where she had been....she wrote her name really big in the snow!Rick and I got ready in our matching Aztec Well Service FRC's (Fire Retardent Coveralls) Yes - I know! Words cannot express how awesome we look! At that point looks go out the's all about staying warm! When we were ready to go we headed over to my sister's husband's parent's house! (okay was that confusing???) Well, my sister is married to Ricks really good friend. This makes holidays really nice because we are always together! They have 2 four wheelers that they loaded up.So basically this is tubing "Farmington" style!!! One tube for each kid, a trailer, and four wheelers to ride up the hill on. What ever happened to keeping it simple and walking up the hill???We had a great day...Rick and Shane (my sister's husband) rode the kids up the hill and when they were done sledding the guys pulled them behind the four wheelers...(they were pretty daring to be behind Ricks four wheeler!)
DAY 5: CHRISTMAS EVE DAY!!! One thing that Rick and I love to do that we haven't done in about 6 or 7 years is SKI!!! The kids had never been and Rick and I had never tried snowboarding, so we decided this would be the year! We decided to take the kids to a smaller ski resort....we took them to Hesperas and it was PERFECT for beginners. Also, since it was Christmas Eve it was not crowded at all! Jordan and Chase wanted to try snowboarding and Paige and Cody tried to ski! Rick snowboarded with Jordan and Chase while I kept to the skiing and helped Paige and Cody. Let me just say!!!! WOW!!! I was so impressed with how well they did! They loved it!!! By the end of the day Jordan could make it down the hill without falling. She did so awesome and picked it up so easy! Paige had a rough start, but picked it up fast and didn't want to leave. She kept saying, "one more run!"Chase was a natural born snowboarder! By the end of the day he looked like he had been doing this his whole life! Cody...well let's just say CRAZY MAN. I started him off with Paige and I on an easy hill, after the first time he wanted to go with the big kids...he took off down the hill with the big kids and loved it!We had such a great day! I was up all night the night before worrying about if the kids would be warm enough, if they would like it, and praying nobody got hurt. Everyone loved it and had an awesome time! They can't wait to go again!!! We rushed back to Farmington once we were done skiing to have dinner and Christmas Eve fun at my sister's in-laws house. We had Navajo Tacos for dinner - YUM! And they had all kind of fun games planned for the kids. One of the games you have to blow up balloons and put them into panty hose, then put it on your head to look like reindeer was hilarious!!! Rick and my neice Rylie were nominated to wear the antlers. This was the final result!!!The kids also acted out the Nativity.It was fun to have the kids dress up like the characters. I think it helps them understand the story and understand the true meaning of Christmas. It was also great to have so much of the family together. My parents also drove up to spend Christmas with everyone. Once we left their house, we headed home to get ready for the big man! It is a tradition in our family that everyone gets new pajamas on Christmas Eve, so the kids did get to have an early present on Christmas Eve! Now - How many grandmas do you know that would make homemade sugar cookies late at night, just so the kids would have something to put out for Santa???? Oh my gosh! Grandma was so nice! The kids (all except Cody) decorated their cookies - not without eating one or two of course and made a nice plate for Santa...(I'm sure he REALLY appreciated it!)Cody gave up and fell asleep on the couch. Before the rest of them went to bed they had one last thing to do! They had to spread the reindeer food all over the front yard just to make sure the reindeer and Santa wouldn't skip by the house!
DAY 6: CHRISTMAS!!! Let me just start off by saying that I definately recommend wearing your kids out on the day before. I think this was the first year they didn't wake up before the sun came up! They were all so tired from skiing we actually got to sleep until 7:30 or 8:00. Another tradition in my family is that the kids have to all get up and atleast comb their hair to look cute for the picture on the stairs. The kids can't come downstairs until everyone is ready and the picture has been taken!!!Once the picture is taken it is a race to the presents! I'm pretty sure all the kids had a great Christmas and received MORE than they asked for or needed! They were all happy to receive their number one request! For Jordan it was a Chi flat iron, Paige wanted paint "stuff" and cooking mama 2 for the DS, Chase has been asking for a ribstick for 2 years now, and Cody had a strange request this year. A Bug Vaccum! They were all happy! We had a great day of playing with toys, trying on new clothes, playing games, and spending time together as a family! Every year the questions seems to come up, "Do the kids believe in Santa Claus?" If they show any signs of not believing I am quick to say, "Don't believe and see what you get Christmas morning." That is followed by a quick, "I believe, I believe!" I love the story of the Polar Express. As an adult I love the magic that comes along with Christmas. I want and need to hear that bell. It keeps the magic going every year. This year I was given an awesome book called, "I Believe In Santa Claus." It talks about the similarities between Santa and our Savior Jesus Christ. It describes how they both have white hair, they both wear red, they come/came in the night, they love little children, they want us to be good, and they bring gifts. It goes on to say that Santa Claus is a symbol of Christmas and that the symbols can remind us of the true meaning of Christmas. Most importantly the symbols of Christmas remind us of Christ. Because of this we can believe in Santa Claus. I love that story! Even as a grown women there is a need to feel "the magic". Wherever it comes from, I love Christmas and the feelings I feel at this time of the year.

DAY 7: Friday December 26th: Today was another great day of just "hanging out!" Grandpa and Grandma Bills came over and the boys and Grandpa had a nerf gun fight! The ladies were in the kitchen getting food ready for Chase's baptism the following day. Of course we stayed up late playing cards and my new favorite game - Sequence!

DAY 8: Saturday December 27th: It was a great day! Chase was getting baptized! We were excited to beable to baptize Chase in Farmington because so many family members would be there. Rick and Chase looked awesome in their all white! What an awesome feeling as a wife and mother to know that her husband is worthy to perform such an awesome ordinance. And to have a son who is ready to become a member of the church and more importantly wants to be!!! I am so grateful that my parents drove up from Texas for Christmas and to be there for Chase's baptism. Ricks mom and dad helped so much to get everything ready for this day. We actually talked to the bishop almost a year ago, just to make sure we wouldn't have any problems. The program was fabulous. Both Grandma's gave a talk, the cousins sang, Paige played the piano, and the video worked great! Chase actually got to be baptized twice because his foot came up out of the water. Atleast he will always remember his baptism day! The day was freezing but everyone in the family came except for 4 family members. I would say that is awesome!! Many traveled far distances so I consider myself very blessed to have such an awesome family that supports me and my children. A huge thank you to the grandmas and all those who helped with the food!We had an awesome lunch after the baptism. I am so proud of Chase and all the kids for being supportive and making it a special day we will all remember! Not only was this a great day because it was Chase's baptism day, but it was also mine and Rick's 11th wedding anniversary! We were able to have a nice dinner at the country club. Rick introduced me to chicken stuffed peppers. (they have a name, but I don't remember it) I must admit they were REALLY good! It was nice to have some alone time with him. 11 years! It seems to have gone by so fast! It was fun to be in the place we got married... I was reminded of a lot of fun memories from our wedding day!

DAY 9: Sunday December 28th: Church, Nap, and Watch Football!!!

DAY 10: Monday December 29th: Today we decided to take the kids to go see "Bedtime Stories". It was a really cute movie. Since we were at the mall we decided to walk around a bit. It seems that everytime we go to the mall we ask Paige, "Do you want to get your ears pierced?" She has always been quick to come back and say NO! This time she was thinking about it. We stood in front of Claires for about 15 minutes watching a baby get her ears pierced, and another 10 minutes waiting for Paige to decide if she was going to do it. Rick and the kids walked around because she didn't want anybody but me watching. We picked out her earrings and she sat in the chair! I couldn't believe she was actually going to do it! I think it was over before she knew it. YEAH!!! She finally got her ears pierced!Paige was ready right then to pick out new earrings! But I convinced her to wait. She looks so cute with her ears pierced...not that she didn't look just as cute before!

DAY 11: Tuesday December 30th: Rick, his dad, and brother went hunting. They left at 4:30 in the morning and headed to the reservation! I thought I had pictures, but I will have to add them later. Lucky for Rick he shot one! Wait till you see the pictures....oh my gosh - I could never be a hunter! At home I had my first lesson on how to make homemade rolls! Now I have no excuses! Homemade rolls at my house from now on! (yeah right!) Paige talked Grandma into buying her some earrings for her birthday. She picked out a bunch of cute ones!

DAY 12: NEW YEARS EVE! Again, Rick, dad, and brother headed out for another day of hunting. They had a great time spending the day together and shot another elk. Jordan and I had a fun day of getting our hair done. Jordan has never had her hair highlighted before, so we figured we would give it a try. My nephews wife does hair and was nice enough to fit us into her schedule. I love how Jordan's hair turned out! Makes her look a little "sassy"!!! The boys got home from hunting and cleaned up....thank goodness! That night we had a full house! We also had our rockband competition going on! We had an all girl band, all kid band, soloists, drummers, and rockers! It was fun to get a little crazy.
All the kids managed to stay awake and when the clock struck 12 we were outside banging away on our pots and pans making as much noise as we could!
DAY 13: Thursday January 1st:
I'm pretty sure there was a lot of sleeping going on....and probably watching a little football....I do know there was definately some cooking and baking going on. Grandma makes the best snickerdoodle cookies! Paige loves to help grandma cook. Hopefully she will learn from her and become just as good of a cook! We did decide to get out and take the kids bowling....Chase smoked us all with a total score of 241 out of two games. (he did have bumpers though!)

DAY 14: Friday January 2nd:
This was a day of packing, laundry, and trying to get last minute things done! We also had the suburban worked on to get a new emergency break put on. (this becomes significant later in the story!)

DAY 15: Saturday January 3rd:
We woke up to snow this morning! It was good for the kids but bad because we were going to be leaving the next day. Ricks brother's grand-daughter had a birthday party today. The kids had a good time running around with cousins and doing some fun crafts!
This is a picture of Ricks parents and his oldest brother Stewart!When we got home and loaded up the suburban this is what it was doing outside!
DAY 16: Sunday January 4th:
This is where the story gets interesting. We woke up at 4:00 in the morning hoping to leave by 5 AM. We finally got loaded up and headed out about 5:30. My cousin had come from Utah and stayed the night with us. He was just going to caravan back to Dallas with us. Once we were about an hour up the road and we were all comfy and everyone was falling asleep - Rick decided he should pull over and check and make sure the breaks were doing okay. When the guy changed the emergency break he also said we needed new break pads and rotors. Well, Saturday they were heating up, so we had to take it back and have them fix it. WELL - they didn't fix it because the rim was burning up. Rick came back to the car and said, we aren't going to make it to TEXAS. We sent my cousin on and we turned back towards Farmington. We didn't want to drive too fast because of the snow and ice on the roads, so it took awhile to get back. Ricks dad met us at the shop with his expedition, so all we could do was transfer everything to the expedition. I don't know if you have seen the cargo space in an expedition compared to a suburban, but we basically had to fold down one seat and put all the luggage on the seat and whatever else we could fit into the back. What we couldn't fit we left for my nephew to take to Lubbock with him and we would get it at some point. A few hours later we headed back towards Dallas! The roads were still pretty icy for the first 2-2 1/2 hours. Once we passed Albuquerque it was good. Unfortunately my nephew wasn't so lucky and was in an accident that totalled his car.Thank goodness he was okay, but he had to tow his car to Farmington and head back there himself. I always worry when driving on icy roads. You can only try to control your's the other people you have to worry about. Our ride home ended at just about midnight! Although the kids were a little cramped, they did great! Rick reminded me that some of the best times we/the kids have had on road trips is when they are squooshed! He is right! So the story ends that we have Ricks dads expedition...the suburban and some belongings are still in Farmington, but atleast all family members are safe!
We are so lucky to have been able to spend such a long time with Ricks parents....I am grateful my parents were able to come and spend time with us...I am grateful we had time together as a family, and I am grateful to be home safe! We had an awesome Christmas break with many fun memories! We are looking forward to 2009!!!!