Friday, September 25, 2009


This week is homecoming week at the high school. Jordan has had fun dressing up everyday. One day was fifties day. She didn't want to embarass herself and wear a poodle skirt, so I told her to wear jeans and a white shirt. She didn't have a button up white shirt, so I took her in my closet and gave her one of mine. Her first response was, "I am not wearing that!" Okay now - it was just a 3/4 length sleeve shirt with a collar and buttons. Just your typical white shirt. I told her it was perfect. Her response, "why do you own a shirt like that?" As if it was totally out of style or something! She is so funny!
Another day was seventies day and she broke out her tie dye, peace jewelry, and flower head band.
Next was 80's day...she had fun with this one...she sported the Flashdance look - she cut the collar out of a shirt, had on leg warmers, and yes - the side pony!!! She looked so cute...I kept teasing her that she was secretly loving the side pony and would be wearing one more often. :)
Today is Friday and the game is tonight with the dance being tomorrow! Now the real reason she didn't have a date for the dance is because she isn't 16 yet. But I told her she could go with a group of friends. Here in Texas when you have a date to homecoming they get "mums". These are huge flowers decorated with all kinds of ribbons and cute stuff on them. The girls wear them to school and the boys get an arm band from the girl. Jordan just texted me saying, "I can't wait till I'm sixteen!!!! Everyones mums are so cute!" WELL - I can definately wait until she is 16. But so excited for her to experience these fun events!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Nothing Like FALL weather!

Eventhough TEXAS doesn't really have a "fall" season - we have been feeling it the past couple of days and I LOVE IT! The weather has been so beautiful!

1. Getting to wear jackets and pants
2. Opening the windows all day and night
3. Snuggling next to my honey with windows open, a breeze blowing in the room and blankets pulled up!
4. Friday night football games with the fans, family, and concession goodies
5. College Football on Saturdays and MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL!!!
6. Late baseball games cuddled in sweatshirts and blankets
7. Riding bikes to and from school and not being sweaty!
8. Decorating the house for fall and HALLOWEEN!

What a great time of year! My kids are enjoying it too. This morning we were riding bikes to school. Cody had on his hoodie sweatshirt and shorts and thought he was going to "freeze to death." The other day Paige came home and said, "I've been waiting all day to make some hot chocolate." WOW - we get a little cooler weather and you would think it was winter. What would my kids do if they lived somewhere that actually was COLD!

We are enjoying it while it is here, because after all we are in TEXAS which means tomorrow it could be back up in the high 90's.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday sweet Katie, Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!!!

Today would be my baby sisters 30th birthday!!!! WOW!!! The funny thing about it is that she would have looked like she was still 20! Beautiful in every way!
Mom and Dad are celebrating in Disneyland!!!! Can you think of a better place. "THE HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH!"

Today is a bitter sweet day! A day I think of Katie and how much I miss her. A day where I think about the things she would have accomplished. A day where I think about - who her husband would be and how many kids she would have. BUT best of all today is a day I think of her and remember the good times! Katie loved a good party! Katie loved to celebrate! Katie loved to laugh and to smile! Katie loved to joke and have fun!

This year I have had the opportunity to be very involved in the primary. (an organization that works with the children in our church.) I have thought a lot about Katie. The theme for the year is: My Eternal Family!!
Twelve years ago this probably wouldn't have meant as much to me as it does now. Now I have a husband, four children, and family members that have passed on. Over the past few weeks I have been writing and putting together the primary program for our children. I look at the theme and KNOW how very important it is! Do the children know how very important it is to have an ETERNAL FAMILY? Did I know at that young age??? I know now! Mainly because of life experiences that have made me more aware.

Because I have an eternal family I know that I will see Katie again. I know that I will be with my husband and children for eternity....not just for this life. What an amazing promise!!!

I am grateful for days like today. I mentioned today was bitter sweet....sad, because I miss my sister and would love so much to be celebrating with her. As sisters we started kind of a tradition that when we turn 30 we go to Disneyland together. Well, I guess in a way mom and dad carried on that tradition for us!:)
Today is sweet because I get to remember the good times. Even more important it is days like today that remind me how lucky I am. Lucky to have an eternal marriage. Lucky to know I will see my sister again. Lucky to know I will be with my dear husband and children forever. Days like today remind me to "not sweat the small stuff" and concentrate on what is really important! This life is so short. Thanks Katie for reminding to smile, love, laugh, and enjoy the ride!!!! I needed reminding!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Thankful for RULES and GUIDANCE!!!

Jordan came home the other day and announced she had been asked to Homecoming. She admits, she was totally caught off guard. This was a friend she walked to class with. He asked her, "So, are you going to homecoming??" Completely clueless and not knowing what was coming next she said, "I don't know, probably not." He then said, "will you go to homecoming with me?" Shocked, she didn't know what to say. She just said, "I don't think I'm going." Then yesterday she came home and told me another boy had brought flowers to ask her. She just flat out told him she wasn't going. (not to mention she isn't allowed to date until she is 16!!!) NO, he didn't let her keep the flowers :( I asked her if she was sure she didn't want to go with a group of friends. She said, "mom, there is a church dance that night - I'm going to that." Holy Cow - what an awesome kid!!!! I'm not sure I'm ready for all of this. All I can say is I am grateful for the family rule and church guidance of holding off to date until she is 16. Maybe we should actually up the age????

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Football, Friends, and Family

This was a great weekend! Friday night the family had the opportunity to attend the BYU fireside. I have never been to one of those before and it was so neat! We heard a couple of BYU players speak then about 50 to 60 of the players that were there all stood and sang "We'll Bring the World his Truth." AWESOME! We then heard Holly Mendenhaul speak followed by Coach Mendenhaul. What a great man! It was great to hear him speak. After they were done speaking the kids were able to get a few autographs....Max Hall (quarterback) and the Coach were top priority!
Saturday was of course prepartation time for the BIG GAME. Let me just say.....
GO COUGARS!!!!!!!!!! What a great game. No - we didn't get tickets...we totally should have! We watched it at home with some friends - where I could do all the yelling and pacing I wanted!!!
Saturday and Sunday we were able to spend some time with Ricks brother and his wife. We love when Craig and Sheri come to visit! They came for the big BYU/OU game. Sheri and I had a chance to hit the important places (Sam Moon and Charming Charlies) while the boys went golfing! To get around, they rented a "sweet" camero! Rick had WAY to much fun driving it. I'm surprised he didn't get a few tickets just test driving it! Jordan was sure to let us know how cool it would be if she could have a car like this. Keep dreamin babe!!!
We were also able to visit with our good friends....The Loveless'. We actually bought their house when they moved to Utah 3 years ago. It was great to see them. They are visiting because their son Braeden and his team, Bingham played in the Big High School game at Cowboys Stadium. We also had some other friends stop by, The Hafens. It was so much fun to see them! We had a little "reunion"!
Monday started bright and early! We headed to Cowboys Stadium for Braedens game. Braeden is the kicker and he is amazing!!! At least I can say, "I knew him when!" The camera zoomed in on him when he was kicking. His face was up close on the big screen!
We were super excited to see him play and also see the stadium. We parked right in front of the ticket gates and sat in the first (bottom)section. We figure that will never happen again, if we get the chance to go back to the stadium! The stadium was amazing. The huge TV screen goes from one 20 yd line to the other. It's pretty spectacular. We had so much fun being there with friends and cheering Braeden on. Being from Texas, Braeden had quite the fan section!!

Chase was excited because he got a Cowboys cup to add to his collection of cups. He also thought it was pretty cool that the bathrooms didn't have towel dispensers. Instead they had "cloth-like" towels folded and stacked on the counter with a silver cowboy star on it. Wow, no wonder why the stadium cost so much! :) After the game we spent the rest of the day with mom and dad and my cousins. It's so nice to have family and beable to just have fun and hang out. Dad BBQ'd, we played cards (a Bills family "must.") and the kids were sure to get in a good swim. Dad's birthday was last week, so since we were all together we decided to celebrate. The big 64!!! I know, the cake isn't very beautiful, but it was SUPER YUMMY!!!
Fun weekend!!!! Now back to school!!! I still don't think I have adjusted out of summer mode yet. Maybe this week, I will realize summer is over, bedtimes need to be earlier, and life is getting busy!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Don't you just love em????

Yesterday was quite a busy day....Activity Days for Paige, Temple baptisms for Rick and Jordan, and soccer for Chase and Cody. The busy part was that they all overlapped! Thanks to a good friend for taking care of Paige! The boys and I were off to Plano for soccer and as usual this tends to be the time we have super fun conversations! Chase tells me about his day, and Cody asks LOTS of questions and is very open with what is on his mind.
Cody tends to have a few concerns these days:
**I mentioned to him my registration sticker expired. I have the new one, but haven't put it on yet.
Cody asks, "What happens if the policeman pulls you over?"
Kari - "Mommy will get a ticket."
Cody - "How much will it be? Will you go to jail?"
Kari - "I won't go to jail, but I will have to pay $200.00"
Cody - "Do you have $200.00?"
Kari - "not to spend on a ticket."
Cody - "Why does your registration expire?"
Cody - "How do you get the old one off?"
Cody - "Whats the sticker underneath it for?"
Cody - "Does every car have to have stickers?"

Well, you get the idea....he is just full of questions these days and wants all the answers. Everytime we see a policeman, Cody watches him very carefully to make sure he isn't turning around to come pull us over. He is sure to let me know we are "safe for now."

As our conversation continued, I asked Chase to start reading his book. He said, "I will just read during Cody's practice."
Cody immediately chimed in with a cute, sweet, and very concerned little voice.
"Aren't you going to support me? I always support you!"
Oh my gosh....could anything have been cuter??? He still has a little trouble with his "r's" so it was so cute to hear him say that!
I was dreading the drive to Plano twice a week, but I am quickly learning this has become a time of very precious moments!