Monday, April 28, 2008

Donny is off to Afghanistan!

Okay, why am I bawling while writing this???? Donny I just can't believe you are actually going and better yet, old enough to go! We were lucky to have Donny come home for only a few days last weekend before heading to Afghanistan. His unit will go sometime this week. Donny we are so proud of you and while it is hard for me see you go, I know the reasons why you are.You have such a passion for the army...I admire that! You are ready! It is so much fun to hear you talk about all that you have done...because the excitement in your voice tells me that you are totally okay with what you are about to do.
Donny, your family loves you so much and will constantly be thinking of you and praying for you until your safe return home. The next year will probably be the longest and most worrysome of my life, but at the same time, I am so proud to have you as my brother. Donny stay close to the Lord. I know he will watch over you, and I know Katie will be with you each and every day!
You promised you would keep in I am holding you to that! I love you Donny!

Trying to fit everything in!

Since Donny was only here for a short time we felt like we had to cram everything in. The first thing I did with Donny was to do what every man would want before heading off to war........
WE GOT A PEDICURE! This was his very first pedicure....and although he won't say it out loud...he loved it! The lady giving him the pedicure LOVED him! Mom and I were cracking up....she just kept going on and on about how cute he was and how cute his smile was.In fact she "loved" him so much she gave him a free manicure! AND gave him her number to the make sure he would come back when he gets home....
What did we do most of while he was home....yes...GUITAR HERO! If you know Donny, you know he loves gaming!!! Everyone got in on the action...if you came to the house, you had to play guitar hero! Yes, Donny already has his guitar packed in his footlocker on it's way to Afghanistan.
Donny thanks for letting me treat you to the pedicure! Thanks for hanging out with the kids and going to their have no idea what that means to them! While he was here we also went to ihop for breakfast, where he got his for free as a thank you for serving. We also had to hit one of our favorite places for ice cream...Double Dip. And before he left on Sunday...dads sunday dinner was a must!

Saying Goodbye....

So while we had such a great time with Donny it was the goodbye that we were dreading!!! The kids (and myself) pretty much followed Donny everywhere he went. They loved sitting with him looking at pictures of what he has been doing for the past few months.It is always great to see my dad and donny together. Since my dad is a retired Colonel in the military, he knows all about this kind of stuff. They have fun talking "army."
The kids love their uncle Donny....poor Paige has inherited my "emotional" side...sorry Paige. Like her mother, she tends to become quite emotional about this kind of stuff.
Thanks Donny for letting us have this last weekend with you...I know you didn't love my camera in your face 24/7, but you know me and my camera...I know...I'm as bad as mom!
Mom and Dad didn't get much alone time with Donny, but loved spending every minute with him...we even got them to play quitar hero with us!!!
Donny, I want you to know how much I love you! I know you are so excited to serve your country. Thank you for being such a great example to those around you and to my children! We will be praying for you and your fellow soldiers serving. Just remember to "listen to the spirit!" I love you bud!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Paige's First Art Exhibit

Last night was Paige's first "official" art exhibit. She was able to display 3 of her paintings....The flower print was the first one she ever did and hangs above her bed in her room. The frog print she did for grandma. (Because she loves frogs!) Grandma has it hanging at her house. And the "blue" print was the one that hung in Starbucks and will also be going to grandmas house....(how did that happen? Why don't I get any of them :-)Paige has a wonderful art teacher...Ms. Anne! I love that Paige has found something she is truely passionate about. It was fun to look at the other paintings the other students displayed. I can't wait to see what Paige's will look like years from now. I'm quite certain they will be spectacular!
Another fun part of the night was the yummy snacks of course! The kids got to stand by their paintings and answer questions from the people walking around. Her exhibit was held at the Community College and had a great turn out!
Last weekend was a good sports weekend! Cody and Chase both played soccer games...they did great both scoring a few goals...Rick to the boys to their games, and I went with Jordan to her volleyball tournament. She did great! She had some great saves, digs, and even spiked from the back row....she loves it when she does that.
For those of you that don't know much about volleyball - she is wearing a different color jersey because she is the Labero. That means she stays in the back row for the game...she doesn't rotate to the front row...(where the tall players are :-)
This is a great position for her because she plays almost the whole game and has a chance to make some great plays. Jordan also played with her old "rec" team this weekend....they did awesome! The girls had a great time, spiking - Jordan did great serving, and they were able to try different "plays." It was a blast to watch!
What will we ever do when all this ends?????

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Jordan's Haircut

So Jordan has been "bugging" me to take her to get her haircut...I was thinking just a trim, but she was thinking short...once she said short, I thought super short??? I think she was too afraid to go too short..anyway...this is what she came up with...I think it is so cute! And she loves it!Isn't she the outfit Jordan!
I'm pretty sure she loves it...I keep catching her looking at herself in the mirror...the big trick will be if she can style it cute herself....It seems like a pretty low maintanence cut....I do think her short hair makes her look older though! Slow down Jordan! I don't need you to grow up so fast! You look awesome! Love you sweetie!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Baseball and Feeding Ducks!

Last Friday night was Chase's first baseball game of the season...we are getting a late start since the weather has been so bad...but he did great! He started off his hitting night with a triple...he wanted that homerun so bad, but his coach held him up at time buddy!!!!
Chase hasn't played baseball in a year, but he decided to give it another try...I'm so glad he did. He is so cute out there...he does a great job...he played second base and left/center. He hustles and does everything he is suppose to do...I love watching him play. He always gives it 100%. I think he is glad he is playing...the only time he may have given it a second thought is when I told him he had to wear a should have seen his face! That did it for him...yes, the other kids have all gotten a kick out of it...and it has been the topic of conversation at the dinner table..hopefully he will get used to it. Otherwise he is awesome! Great job Chase!!!
I don't know if any of you are like us, but yes we save doing our taxes until the absolute last minute. We were up Sunday night until LATE and our good friend Brad bailed us out....thanks Brad! Your the best! We finished it up and sent it late last night....I guess one day to spare isn't so bad???
Monday was a "bad weather" day for the kids, and since we hadn't used it - they had off school. They have been wanting to feed the ducks, so since the day was beautiful we headed to the park. Jordan had "better" plans with her friends at the mall.. (of course). We had a great time with the ducks and enjoying the beautiful day. We used a whole loaf of bread feeding the ducks.
The ducks pretty much stayed in the water...they didn't come too close. Which was probably good. Last time we fed them, we got chased by a pack of them...they are fast little buggers! We had a great time and enjoyed the day off!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Dream Weekend!!

This past weekend was AMAZING!!!!! Rick was invited to a Microsoft "conference" (if you could call it that) at the Four Seasons Hotel and Resort in Las Colinas. First I have to give a big THANK YOU to our friend Drew - who was the one who arranged for Rick to be on the invite list!!!! Thanks Drew!!! We owe you big time!!! Another big thank you goes to my mom, who was willing at the last minute to watch the kids, so I could go and spend the weekend with Rick! Thanks mom!!! The idea for the conference was for Microsoft to invite their customers who use their product, so they could get some feedback on what products they are using and any suggestions on how to make things better. To accomplish this everyone was invited to the Resort to take part of the Golf School. (not much work was going on) Rick went Thursday afternoon and the plan was that I wasn't going to go until Saturday after the kids soccer games. He called me Thursday night and told me how awesome it was. They put him in a villa on the 18th for those of you that aren't golf fans, let me explain the significance of this. This resort is where the Byron Nelson is played. It is actually in a couple of weeks....they have totally redone this course and nobody will play on it until the Golf Pro's do! Anyway, we could walk out the door and there was the 18th green! Very exciting even for me and I'm not a golfer! When Rick got to the room, there was a plate with a "golf school" sign...what was cool is that everything was made of chocolate!We waited until the last day to take a was yummy!
So after talking to Rick, I decided I would go on Friday and surprise him. He had golf school all day and they were playing until about 6:00. (the course Rick was playing on was another one they have at the Resort) When I arrived I went to the room to drop off my stuff and had one of the workers drive me around in a golf cart to find Rick. First let me say - you would have thought I was famous by the way I was treated...everyone was so polite! I finally found Rick....he was surprised! We went to dinner and after dinner they had set up a little night golfing for all of us to participate in. The balls were lit up in neon colors...yes, even I participated -but we didn't win anything. After that we headed back to our room. Every night Rick was there....something would be left on the bed for him from the golf school. The first night he got a shirt, second night - a jacket and hat, and his last gift was a framed picture of the group that will be mailed to the house. Yes AMAZING! Once we got back to the room, we just enjoyed it!!! We opened the doors to the balcony and enjoyed the view! We enjoyed the huge flat screen tv..the awesome bed with the most comfortable pillows and down comforter...even the bathroom was awesome!!! And my favorite - the robe!(This was the view from our balcony!!) Saturday morning Rick had to head off to golf early, so I took advantage of sleeping in and using the voucher they left me for breakfast. I could either eat at the cafe or order room service!!!! I didn't know what I wanted, so I figured I would try a few things....When they brought me my food, they set up my little table for me, opened my napkin, and there I was - sitting in my robe, with a ton of yummy food - just enjoying life!I did feel a little silly, but loved it!!! I was also left a gift card to use at the first I headed over to the fitness center to get a little workout in....yes that was awesome too! As I am working out...someone comes around carrying a tray of cold towels and I am huffing and puffing on the treadmill...he asks, "ma'm can I get you anything". I took a water! After I worked out, I headed over to the spa - put on my suit and soaked in the hot tub for awhile...then went in for a massage and facial...okay I have never done a facial before - ladies....that is definately something you should do! After that, I just sat in my comfy robe they have for you and relaxed....then used their awesome shower. I could have stayed in there all day!
It was only about 2:00 and I knew Rick was golfing, so I wasn't sure what I would do for the rest of the day...but then he called and said someone in his group was done, so I could go ride around with him for the last 9 of the workers drove me to where he was and I had a blast! It was so fun to hang out with him on the golf course...there were 2 other guys from the conference and a golf pro with us...I even got to hit some! Yes, my golf game needs work, but they were very nice to let me try! When we were done, we went to dinner, where they had the microsoft version of an ipod at Ricks dinner spot. Dinner was delicious...I had about 10 different pieces of silverware and probably went through 10 different plates by the time it was all said and done! After dinner we had fun talking to the other people there and playing a few games of pool! I was given the title of the "hustler" by my new Bostonion friend....I am not normally a very good pool player...I guess I just got lucky! We finished our trip with one last golf game Sunday morning....I slept in of course...then we took a ride around the new golf course. It was beautiful! And the million dollar homes surrounding it were beautiful too!What an amazing weekend...I definately got to experience how the rich and famous live. If you watch the Byron Nelson on tv, you will see exactly where we stayed! Rick and I had a great time and were able to spend some much needed "alone" time together! I love you Rick - thanks for a weekend I will never forget!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Feeling a bit under the weather!

Sorry for the lapse in writing....I haven't been feeling well lately and have enjoyed just taking it easy...
Last weekend I had the opportunity to attend Youth Conference with the youth in our was extra fun because Jordan went also. We went to Eisenhower State Park, near Lake was cold and rainy and I didn't get much sleep, but what an experience!!! The youth in our ward are amazing! They have such strong testimonies of Jesus Christ. It is truely an honor to get to work with the youth of our ward.
The kids are doing great and we are in full swing with all their activities. Jordan continues with volleyball and has already had 2 track meets...she has completely surprised me! Her first meet I lost track of her and thought for sure she had fallen down (oh ye of little faith!) Just then I see her round the corner with the rest of the pack....she is doing awesome and is working so hard! With all she has going on her last report card was straight A's....yes I'm a proud mama! Paige continues with her masterpieces on the canvas and is looking forward to starting swim lessons next week. She decided she wants to be on the swim team this summer, so we figured we better get her strokes down. Paige also is a master in the classroom...she works so hard at school - her last report card couldn't have been better! She is definately my child that is a self motivator...I'm so proud of you! Chase is excited for his first baseball game Friday night...he is hoping to knock one out of the park! Saturday he plays another soccer game...I think he is keeping a running tab on how many goals he scores...I'm not sure what the count is now...I think it is more to make sure he stays ahead of his little brother. He is so fun to watch - whatever sport he does...he works so hard and gives it 100%! Cody was excited about his 2 goals in soccer last weekend and looks for more this Saturday. He has been so fun this past week. We had a little scare the other day with the tornado siren going off, so for the past couple of nights we have had major deep conversations...he has thrown out some of the craziest questions....does the world end? Where do Tornados come from? Where do they live? If we die will we come back alive? And he keeps asking questions about Mer and Per...(my grandparents who died before he was born) crazy! Well, to say the least our conversations have been DEEP! But fun!!
Yes, life continues to be busy..I know one day they will all be grown up and gone, so I just enjoy each stage with them...busy or not!

The girls at Youth Conference (I think the boys were taking down their tents) Can you see what I mean by awesome!!

One day earlier in the week, I was so exhausted and not feeling well...I had gone to lay down. I woke up and called for Cody, but couldn't find him. (mother of the year - I know) I checked the front door and it was still locked, so I knew I was okay. Then I went in his room and found him tucked in bed with all his little webkinz around him taking a nap...he is the best. I constantly ask myself - what did I do to deserve such a great little guy!

We were lucky to have Ricks brother and sister-in-law come visit us last week. Thanks Craig and Sheri for taking time to visit. The kids LOVED spending time with you. Just today Cody was running down the hall doing some crazy turns just like Uncle Craig. You guys are the best!!!!