Thursday, June 24, 2010

Never Too Early To Party!!

This summer is a little busy with a lot of traveling. SO - I wanted to make sure with all the comings and goings....Ricks birthday didn't get forgotten. We have some friends that like to celebrate birthdays, so we planned a fun day that was, "ALL ABOUT RICK." We did all of his favorites! The day started on the lake! Rick could absolutely LIVE on the lake in a boat. We headed to Texoma bright and early. Everyone took a shot at slalom skiing. This was my first time trying, and surprisingly I actually got up....I couldn't believe it! Then it was on to tubing! Me and the girls decided to all get on at the same time. Smart idea????? NOT!!!! Our tubing time ended when Derrick was "taking it easy on us." Somehow we hit a wake and all three of us went flying off in three different directions. Let's just say I'm glad I brought the Aleve!!! After a little break we were feeling ready to go again...With a promise to "really" take it easy - Rick and I decided to give it a go. Yes, we caught some air, but I definitely recommend two at a time instead of three. Kendra and Derrick took a turn..... and Melanie and Jason gave it a try...It's great to know that we aren't too old to enjoy ourselves!!!! Rick took a turn solo, and as hard as we tried we couldn't knock him off. We had such a good time at the lake, but the time went by too fast. We were a bit on a time schedule because the boys planned Rick's second favorite thing....GOLFING. As hot as it was the boys had a great time golfing. I'm not really sure who won...I think it is still up in the air :) While the boys were golfing, the girls went home, showered and got ready for the rest of the evening. When the guys were done golfing they met us for dinner. This part, Rick didn't know about. So to let him know this day was really planned around him...I had a sign and balloons waiting for him at the restaurant. I think it was then he realized we didn't just randomly plan the lake, golfing, and dinner all in one day just because! We have great friends and are so lucky they were willing to give up a whole day to spend with us. So...Happy early Birthday babe....I tried to fill the day with all your favorites! Love you!

If You Don't Have Your Wisdom Teeth, Do You Still Have Wisdom?

Last Tuesday Jordan got her wisdom teeth out. Okay, this could be the funniest thing I have seen in awhile!! She was TOTALLY out of it, and yes Paige and I completely took advantage of the situation and took lots of pictures and video tape. As the doctor put it, "she looked like a child from the 60"s." She was trying to talk to us and I had no idea what she wanted. Then she started signing things, again - I had no idea what she was saying. Paige and I were laughing so hard we could hardly hold the camera still. These are definatly blackmail pictures, and way too funny not to post! Jordan has great friends that came and sat with her everyday. I think they watched about 10 movies and played lots of checkers. What good friends!!! Jordan was pretty swollen, but is doing great now! She was a great patient. Not too demanding and a great sport. Wahoo...check that off the list!

Friday, June 18, 2010


There are those things in life that you get to do that may be really time consuming, but still you just LOVE doing them. Girls Camp is one of those things. I LOVE going to Girls Camp. I have been able to go with Jordan three out of her four years. This year was Stake Camp and they asked if I would be over the response was, "if that will get me to girls camp....ABSOLUTELY!" We went to a new place this year. Camp Langston in Mt. Pleasant, Texas. It was only a couple hours away and when we pulled in all the girls commented that it seemed like "Parent Trap."The cabins were so cute and we were right on a little lake. The girls were so excited about the slide and rope swing. We were only there a couple hours before EVERYONE was in the water. Jordan was a pro at the rope swing. I won't mention how pathetic I looked trying to hang on :)Jordan grabbed a hold, tucked her knees in and hung on! She looked like she was flying through the air!! The slide was really fun. Three people could go at one time. Jordan had fun with her good friend Cassidy racing down the slide. We were able to get our hands on some dish soap to put down the slide to help us go really fast! yes, even I took a go at the slide!!The girls also enjoyed some canoeing.The had all kinds of canoes. Jordan and Cassidy got a workout in the canoes...they are getting better at "steering" them :)
After having fun in the water, it was time for the fourth year girls to head out on their overnight hike. Man did they learn a lot!!!Jordan came back the next morning with some great stories!!! Let's just say, eating grass, using sticks for dinner, and going potty in a hole were just a few of the topics!! As a mom, it was great to hear that they actually had to rough it a little!!!!!

What is girls camp without a little rain????Okay...ALOT of rain!! It was absolutely pouring for one whole day straight! We were all soaked, but had lots of fun!

On skit night the girls did the cutest song and dance to the country song, "Red High Heels." But they changed it to "Cowgirl Boots." The leaders made them darling holsters with their names on the back.The stake leaders even strutted their stuff in their own song and dance!
The last day was beautiful, so the girls enjoyed the water a little more. Jordan has been blessed with so many great friends in the church! I am so glad they are all there for each other and encourage each other to do good!!!
We have a fabulous group of girls in our ward! I was so happy I was able to go to girls camp! There is just something about spending that quality time with the girls in the great outdoors!
Next year will be Paige's first year to go! Hopefully, I will be able to attend with her as well! I love the bonding time!!!

Wow - How Time Flies!!

You would think with school out and summer in full swing, life would be simple. Relaxing. Less Busy.

Let's just say that is not the case! There is so much to catch up on. Great and wonderful things have been going on. The last week of school was full of fun, fun, fun!!!! The boys had fun parties in class. Chase is excited and so ready to move onto 4th grade. Cody has done AMAZING things this year. He is reading like crazy! Everything he sees he reads! I love it!!! He met some great new friends and is excited for second grade. Jordan was sure to take her camera to school and get lots of pics with good friends. She was actually exempt from some of her finals, so she didn't even have to go to school on the last day. Jordans favorite part in science was all the disecting she did....(not really!)
On the last day of school, Paige had her big 5th grade graduation and Beach Bash!

The thought of Paige finishing Elementary school is crazy!!! Off to Middle School she goes and I find myself thinking....what happened to my little girl that would run around the house with a ponytail high on top of her head, cuddling in my lap, or reading stories? I know she is ready! She will succeed and do many wonderful things in Middle School - I just get a little sad when the realization hits, that she is growing up!

Paige loves learning. She loves school! The thought of school ending was very hard for her. First she loved all her 5th grade teachers. They had a great time this year. She loves Glen Oaks and feels such a part of the school! Change is hard for Paige, so she was a bit emotional on the last day of school. It was close to the saddest thing I have seen in a long time. Paige was crying, ALL the teachers sitting on the stage were mom was crying, and of course...I was crying!!!! As Paige walked across the stage to get her graduation certificate, she hugged each one of her teachers BUT when she hugged Mrs. Nuttall - the tears just flowed. (for both of them) She has been such a wonderful teacher! Paige has formed a bond with her that will last forever!

Thank goodness, the 5th graders had a day of fun planned. Once graduation was over, the kids grabbed their things and walked the halls of Glen Oaks for one last time. All the other students in the school made signs and cheered as they left the school to walk to the beach club. Cody made a cute sign for Paige! Once we got to the beach club, tears were dried and smiles were on everyones faces! TIME FOR SOME FUN!!!The kids spent the whole day at the Beach Club. Paige was as happy as can be with all her friends around her. Paige and Samantha have known each other since they were 3 or 4. It has been so fun watching them grow up together. Paige and her buddy Paige N. met each other a couple of years ago when they were in the same class. Now they are known as Paige P. and Paige N. Paige enjoyed time in the water, but was first in line when they announced there would be a hula hoop contest. Go Paige, Go Paige!!!! Let's just say she takes after her mom and can hula hoop with the best of them!!!Paige was one of the top 3 winners and won a new Middle School shirt! Next it was sand castle time!!! Her and her friends won for most creative, making a mermaid fortress. They buried one of their friends to look like a mermaid!The last day of school was emotional, but fun! On to bigger things for everyone!!!

Even though school was out - baseball was still in session for Chase! He was starting his tournament and playing great! Chase started playing catcher this season and has done a great job! He loves playing with his buddy Colton. Their team played so hard during each and every game. They went through the tournament undefieted and made it to the championship game. AND..........
They won!!!! The game wasn't without it's contraversy....but in the end - the Yankees ended with the win. Way to go Yankees!!

Cody started off the summer losing his very first two teeth. All I can say is...FINALLY!!! He has been wiggling those guys for months!
Paige has been working hard all year with her piano. I love hearing music in the house. Paige has a natural gift. She picks up songs so quickly and plays so beautifully! I'm so glad she enjoys playing!
For almost a year now, I have been looking forward to the day I could take the girls to see Wicked! I found out it was coming to Dallas, and immediately put the date on my calendar that tickets would be on sale! Yes, tickets tend to be a little pricy, but totally worth it. Mom, Jordan, Paige, my good friend Heather and I were all able to go see it. This was my second time seeing it, and it was just as amazing as the first. I'm actually ready to see it again!!! It was a fun girls night out. We stood at the stage door and even got to see Elpheba, Fiero, and the Wizard!It was a great night. I'm glad the girls were able to experience a broadway show!
Max is still as fun as can be. We took him for his vet appointment the other day and he is a whopping 2 pounds 1 ounce. The kids just love him! Okay, I love him too! He and I have great bonding moments. Paige is his little mother. He sleeps in her room and every morning bright and early we hear her opening the back door to let him out. She does great with him. I'm sure she would be right next to him every second if she could!
Summer is in full swing! It seems like time is already moving so quickly. Hopefully, someday soon - we can just sit, relax, and enjoy!!! Until then, we keep on truckin and look forward to what comes next!