Monday, January 24, 2011

Christmas in Farmington

We had a wonderful 2010 Christmas in Farmington, New Mexico. We absolutely love spending time with Ricks family.

School got out on Friday and we headed to Farmington Saturday! The drive was a little longer than normal since we brought Max with us, but he was great! We didn't leave until a little later on Saturday, so we got in pretty late. The kids were awesome though....up and ready to head to church the next morning in their Christmas best!!! After church Cody was anxious to help with dinner because we were having his favorite....Roast, mashed potatoes, gravy, Grandmas yummy homemade rolls, and carrots. Sundays are always fun at Grandma and Grandpas because aunts, uncles, and cousins come to visit!!!!Rick and I were happy to be there. We looked forward to taking a break from crazy life and find time to enjoy each other. We were lucky this year to be there for Ricks parents 54th wedding anniversary! The kids had fun making them cards and Rick and I enjoyed a night out with his parents, and his brother and wife. Of course we couldn't leave without getting a few pictures first....and in his true fashion, pictures are never dull with Rick around!!! Gotta love him!!
Highlights of Christmas!!!
Every year Rick and I usually buy the kids a new pair of Christmas pajamas that they get to wear on Christmas Eve. This year we discovered that their pajamas from the previous year still fit! So rather than spend the money on un needed pajamas...we decided to do CHRISTMAS SOCKS!!!! It was so fun!!
The girls still had their matching pajamas!! and yes - we are NAUGHTY!!!Cody was certain to be sure the reindeer food was spread on the lawn before anyone could go to bed. (they had a little fun doing that!)The kids were excited and ready to see what Santa would bring them. Yes, the tradition carries on...each year I had to get my picture taken on the stairs Christmas it is only fair that I torture my children and do the same! :)The kids had a wonderful Christmas and got everything their little hearts desired!! :)

Highlights of our fun visit!!!
We were able to take the kids up to Durango Mountain for a day so they could enjoy the snow. We had an awesome time tubing and having a snowball fight!!!We love playing in the snow. Jordan and Chase got right to it and started a snowball fight!The snow was actually very deep in spots...Paige was sure to get in on the action!!Man it had been a long time since I have gone tubing!!! The walk up the hill was a killer, but the ride down was sure fun!Jordan and I rode down together and she totally wiped out, so she figured she should try it solo!!We practically closed down the place! What a great day!!Working Hard...
The boys took time out of their Christmas day to help out Grandpa by cleaning the pool saver. What great kids! They have a great dad that has taught them how to work hard!And they did it the whole time with a smile on their faces!!!The kids loved spending time with their cousins....Chase and Hannah playing pool...Jordan and Brent sharing Grandmas yummy dessert!!The boys loved riding the 4 wheelers!!Rick and I Christmas Eve!Elf Paige and Grandma on Christmas Eve...Me and Parker - showing off our muscles!!The family on Christmas Eve..Cousins having fun together!!Chase, Cody, and Parker..Brent reading a Christmas Story on Christmas Eve..Cody loves his Grandpa!!We had a great visit!!! Always good memories!!!