Monday, September 20, 2010

One CRAZY week!

Last week was one of those weeks where you are REALLY excited for everything going on, but you are also REALLY glad when it is over because it is a bit exhausting! Last week was HOMECOMING week...we had the community pep rally on Wednesday, game Friday night, and Dance on Saturday night. We also had Donny's open house reception at my mom and dads house Saturday night. My parents definately had a housefull. Aunt Lori and cousin Allen came from Alabama, Sarah's parents came from California, and Kristen surprised everyone and came as well. The week was full of homecoming preparations, helping my parents with finishing touches for the reception, soccer games, baseball games, scouts, activity days, homework, and everything else that comes with our busy life :)
Cody started our week off with baseball and soccer!!! I love watching him play!!

Wednesday night was the community pep rally. This was really fun! The band performed, cheerleaders, dance team, they introduced all the sports teams, and they also announced the winners for the underclassman homecoming court. Jordan had called the week prior and told me she was nominated for Sophomore class Dutchess. Needless to say we were both surprised, but I was very excited for her. Her Sophomore class has over 700 kids, and she was one of four girls that got nominated. What an honor for her. Although she did not win, we were still very excited for her.Since Jordan is not 16, she went to homecoming with a group of her friends instead of a date. Here in Texas there is a tradition that the date gives the girl a "mum." Well, I didn't want her to feel left out, so last year I made her a mum. You would have thought I learned my lesson and wouldn't start making it at the last minute - but, I did!!! So Friday I was busy making her mum to wear to the game! I must say - I thought the mum looked great and she looked very cute getting ready to go to the game with her Texas sized MUM!!The Dance was Saturday night, so Jordan and her friend Haley got ready at my moms house together. (that way Jordan could visit and be part of the reception before going to the dance.)Wow, did they look gorgeous!!! What beautiful young ladies!! At about 8:30, off they went to the dance to meet up with their other girlfriends! AW, the good old days....brings back so many memories of fun homecoming days!!!
Back at mom and dad's house we were ready for the reception. Mom and Dad had been working so hard for over the past month getting the house all ready...Mom worked hard inside and dad worked hard outside on the yard. The boys did stop for a bit to take a break and enjoy some conversation!Everything looked beautiful! The serving table looked fantastic!! Great job on everything mom and dad!!! It was fun visiting before the reception started!! It is always fun to see dad with his family. Aunt Lori was so kind to come for the weekend!!Wendy, Kristi, and I had the great honor of helping in the kitchen and keeping the cheesecakes cut and ready to serve. (What a bummer job...standing by cheesecakes...I was absolutley miserable having to taste each one...hee, hee!!) A lot of people came to see Donny and Sarah...they both looked great!! It was a great turn out!
The reception ended and around 11:30, I had to say goodbye to rush back home. Jordan was coming home from the dance and crazy me....told her, I would make breakfast for her and her friends after the dance....SO..Rick and I were making pancackes at midnight!!! It was actually pretty fun to hear all of their stories!! Needless to say, it was an exhausting weekend, but very fun!!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Well, after years and years of thinking, pondering, and looking on craigs list - we finally did it! We finally bit the bullet and did what Rick has been wanting to do for years and years! WE BOUGHT A BOAT!! I can hardly believe it myself, but nevertheless, we are absolutely thrilled and so excited for next summer to come! Rick has been looking for quite some time now for a boat in Texas. But couldn't find anything. He then broadended his horizons to Okalahoma and Arkansas, and still didn't find anything to his liking. So he felt like he should broaden further and take a peak in Arizona. Well, that is where his search came to an end. He found the boat he wanted!!! So over Labor Day weekend we spent the weekend driving to Arizona to pick up the boat. He and I left early Saturday morning - and after 17 hours arrived at his brothers house in Mesa. The trip did take a little longer than anticipated simply because we stopped to take a cruise down memory lane and visit the booming town of Las Cruces. Rick went to school at New Mexico State, so we drove around town for a bit. It was actually very fun seeing where he lived and hearing stories of all the things he was up to during college!

Sunday was the day to see the boat...we were very excited! We walked into the garage where the boat was being stored and loved it immediately. The people selling the boat were very nice and had taken great care of it. They were so nice and threw in extra supplies for us....wakeboards, wake surf board, skis, life jackets, rope, wet suits.....we were set!!!! Once we got the boat into the water there were a few hiccups....(which we won't go into) but when all was said and done, Rick was very excited. We woke up early Monday morning and headed back home with the boat in tow. It took us 19 hours to finally make it home and about 6 tanks of gas!! WOW - didn't really think about that :(

The kids were really excited to wake up Tuesday morning and see the boat parked in front of the house. The hiccups I referred to earlier were mostly taken care of last week, which meant we were able to get the boat on the water for the first time and enjoy it for part of the day last weekend. In his limited ability of showing emotions, I could tell Rick was pretty excited to get HIS boat out on the water!!!We had a great day! The kids enjoyed wakeboarding, and tubing.....Paige and Chase are getting much more comfortable on the wakeboard...Paige just popped right up her very first time. We were able to take Davey and Kristi with us, so we had a blast!It is very crazy to think that Rick and I own a boat! He has wanted one forever and grew up with a boat. I on the other hand am not very familiar with boats, but I am very excited to learn. Rick and I are excited to have great family time on the boat. We feel like this is a great opportunity to bond as a family and at the same time with friends.
The kids are super excited! It was a strange feeling as we were driving around that this was actually our boat and we can go out anytime we want. CRAZY!!!
I have been told the 2 happiest days are when you buy your boat and when you sell your boat....I only hope we have nothing but great experiences! Nevertheless, as of today we are two very proud, happy, and excited boat owners!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


The fall in Texas is always interesting. There always seems to be a tornado or two, flash floods, and sometimes Hurricanes. Well, this year is no different! It has rained straight for the past two days. I am not talking a small drizzle, but heavy, heavy rain! Yesterday the kids couldn't leave school because the tornado sirens were going off and there was a tornado warning for our county. Actually, they thought that was pretty cool, because all the students had to go in the teachers lounge and music room. The kids hardly ever get to go in the teachers lounge - so they figured that was pretty neat. Today we were leaving scouts and the sirens went off again. We got home and the news had pictures of a tornado. Luckily it wasn't anywhere near us, but all Cody had to hear was that there was a tornado and he got pretty nervous! The news guy said people should take cover and parents should put bicycle helmets on their kids for protection. (Cody didn't realize it was only for the towns close to the tornado.) Before we knew it, Cody was hauling everyones bicycle helmets in the house. Jordan didn't have one, so he was sure to grab her a softball helmet. He cracks me up!!!! Everyone put the helmets on so Cody would feel better. He was a little worried when everyone took them off. Next thing I know he comes walking downstairs with layers and layers of clothes on. He came walking in the kitchen saying, "muscle man." Then he said, "actually this is so I have extra padding if a tornado comes." I think he had 3 or 4 sweatshirts/jackets on and about 3 pairs of pants.

He is such a cute little guy! Always so concerned about everyone and tends to be worried for everyone. Fortunately, living in Texas he understands - that is just the way it is. His philosophy is - if the tornado sirens go off....TAKE COVER!! Rest assured, Cody will make sure the Peterson family will be ready!