Thursday, March 17, 2011

Cody Turns 8!!!!!

My baby turned 8 on February 18th!!!! I can't even believe it!!! Poor guy, kind of got a quick birthday celebration...
Between Jordan turning 16 and Rick and I leaving on our cruise, Cody's birthday fell right in the middle.
We were able to celebrate with family and Cody was perfectly happy because he got PRESENTS!!!! Davey and Kristi gave Cody a "day of fun!"And grandma and grandpa gave him a new pair of much needed roller blades!!!Cody's big day came last weekend!!! On March 12th, Cody was baptized!What a great day! Cody was the star of the day and surrounded by family and friends!!!

Grandma and Grandpa BillsGrandma and Grandpa PetersonUncle Skip and Aunt WendyDavey and KristiCody invited a friend from school and neighbors. They were so sweet to come and support him!! Our awesome neighbors, Doug and Jeannie came!!Good friends...The PeoplesCody's best buddy from school!!It was a little strange to think that my last kiddo was getting baptized! Cody was so excited! We started the program a little late because he wanted to be sure that there was enough water in the font and that it was warm enough!!! Cody's day continued at home with everyone coming over for some yummy food!!!!!We were so happy to celebrate Cody and excited Ricks parents were able to travel here for a visit. We always have such a great time with Ricks parents. The boys loved playing in the backyard with Grandpa!!!I loved standing in the kitchen and hearing the giggles that came from outside through the window. Cody was sure to get in some "Connect 4" games with Grandpa!!!!Grandpa still can't be beat!!!!Paige enjoyed teaching Grandma how to "Just Dance" on the wii....(no pictures were allowed) hahahahaha. And Jordan seemed to be so busy over the weekend, we had to sneak a picture when we could!Sitting in the baptism and listening to the wonderful talks and great blessing that Rick gave Cody just confirmed to me even more, how lucky I am. To have such a wonderful extended family and family of my own, and to have the beliefs we have. I'm just so grateful!!!

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